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Fit Donut

Address: 1330 E Fairview Ave #105, Meridian, ID 83642

Phone: (208) 519-4336

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.4


What Time Does Fit Donut Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 6PM

Sunday,: 9AM to 3PM

Monday,: 8AM to 6PM

Tuesday,: 8AM to 6PM

Wednesday,: 8AM to 6PM

Thursday,: 8AM to 6PM

Friday,: 8AM to 6PM

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Fit Donut Reviews

Steve Russell Jr.

I walked into the place about 4 months ago after I had just started a fitness journey a month before that. As soon as I put the first bite in my mouth.. I FOUND MY PLACE! These donuts are delicious and amazing and since that first day could not stop going! I go roughly 1 to 2 times a week now, sometimes more! These donuts helped me go from 265lbs to 207lbs! Fit Donuts makes the fitness journey so much more enjoyable and helps those rough days where you need filling low calorie delicious food that fit into your macros/caloric deficit. Plus the staff is amazing, kind and hard working. I would give them double Stars if I could!

Meg Bradshaw

Wow. Your products are so much more airy and light than traditional donuts. I love it. With a history of eating healthy for so long now, I crave products with only clean ingredients. The gluten free mini vanilla donuts with chocolate chips were my absolute favorite. The banana bread option I tried was enjoyable…my palate just preferred the less sweet option! Your clean ingredient snacks are delicious. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, due to not previously enjoying any traditional donuts.These are a reinvented, more delicious version of a donut. Well done.

Sarah riesgo

Super yummy and guilt free. First time customers and will return. Gf and didn’t spike my insulin. I wasn’t sure what to expect, they definitely aren’t a traditional donut texture so don’t expect that its more cake like. The flavor and toppings however are fantastic!

Gene Tilby

I am altering my review for Fit Donut. When I originally posted I was disappointed because I had waited outside for them to open based on the hours listed on the door. I didn’t realize that they had a sign up for their current hours that had just fallen down. I continued to wait after that time came and went and ended up not being helped that day. I understand that a lot of businesses really struggled during covid to keep enough staff on hand and things do happen that are outside of the control of the business owner. I was back in last week and the owner was helping some other customers with several large orders, (in case you aren’t aware, when you order Fit Donuts all of the toppings are added fresh so it takes time) there were probably 4 sets of customers waiting and she was working away getting them what they had ordered. She was super kind, we chatted a bit when it was our turn and she mentioned that she had let her other employees leave earlier because it just wasn’t busy. I was impressed with her cheerful demeanor and how kind she was. The donuts were amazing and I’m grateful that she and her business have made it through a very difficult time.

Sandra Simons

Don’t use Uber Eats to have anything delivered! They stole my order so a friend went and got me these donuts the next day. I have never had them until than. They are beautiful, yummy, and so fresh. Thanks to Bonnie, she felt real bad about the delivery that she offered to make it right.

Paloma A.

Cute little establishment with friendly customer service, but their gluten-free donuts were terribly disappointing. They do not taste like donuts at all; they taste artificial and gummy, and are just plain unpalatable. Would not recommend if you want something that tastes like an actual donut.

Lindy Himawari

The donuts were ….. very ….. healthy…… and pricey


They were good, but I can tell that you put a lot of protein powder in them….. I honestly can’t describe them you need to try them…. they were not bad, they were actually pretty good but so small… sooo…. …. .. . Healthy good alternative to real doughnuts but not the same…..

Ima Honestee

LOVE LOVE LOVE that they offer a GF and healthier alternative to a regular donut! I actually don’t prefer most sweets, but these aren’t as sickly sweet so I enjoy them alot more! I love that I can take my family here and feel less guilty after getting our occasional treat! If you’re expecting donuts from other big name places then you’re at the wrong place. These are intended for people who want to eat healthier, but still indulge a bit. Don’t let that turn you off from this place though! Give them a try – you just might like them, Sam I Am 😉

Holli Anderson

I’ve been health and fitness focused for the past year, and haven’t allowed myself the indulgence of a donut in far too long. I couldn’t be more stoked about finding Fit Donut! They were delicious, moist, and absolutely guilt-free at 4 net carbs! I can finally treat my daughters and I to a sweet treat that all of us can enjoy. My favorite so far, is the Coconut Creme

Andrew Hale

Called in my order for pick up since I was in a hurry. Drove down to get it and it was never made. That happens, I get it. After they “forgot,” I went outside to wait in my car right out front of the store while they made my order. Went in after 10 minutes, and they said it would be an hour for my original 4 donut order. At the very least, they could have opened the front door and told me so I didn’t have to waste another 10 minutes waiting for my non processed order that they never made in the first place. No offer of GC, for my wasted time and gas, just a “sorry.” Don’t plan to go back.

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