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Dunkin’ Donuts

Address: 2520 Old Cheney Rd, Lincoln, NE 68512

Phone: (402) 423-2314

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 3.6

Website: https://www.dunkindonuts.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=localmaps&utm_content=352630

What Time Does Dunkin’ Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 4:30AM to 7PM

Sunday,: 4:30AM to 7PM

Monday,: 4:30AM to 7PM

Tuesday,: 4:30AM to 7PM

Wednesday,: 4:30AM to 7PM

Thursday,: 4:30AM to 7PM

Friday,: 4:30AM to 7PM

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Dunkin’ Donuts Reviews

Robert A Rieck Jr

I’m going to be transparent in this review; I came to Dunkin’ Donuts only as a part of a national protest. In 2015, Dunkin’ Donuts publicly announced they are going to be receiving eggs from 100% cage-free suppliers within 7 years. As of right now, their commitment is only 11% and falling away short. They have also failed to be transparent with the public of a working plan on how they are going to successfully meet this 100% cage-free layer hen supply chain.
When layer hen chickens are raised in metal battery cages, there are 7 to 8 birds placed in them only allowing individual room of less than a size of standard paper. This excessive crowding destroys their social order and often stresses the chickens so much that they will harm each other and sometimes cannibalize because they are subjected to this limited space their entire lives. The industry solutions the harm factor by cutting the tips of the chickens beaks off without any anesthetic. Please pressure Dunkin’ Donuts to reduce animal suffering but only using cage-free chicken suppliers!
This protest was covered by channel 8 News Lincoln Nebraska on Sunday June 19th on the 5:30 news Central Time.

Allysa H

Absolutely awful experience… their always rude but I just put up with it because enjoy the coffee but today I ordered an iced oat milk vanilla latte and received a straight up iced coffee with vanilla …. And when asked to correct it ( I was very kind and always am) she added a dash of oat milk to the coffee…. And now I have to spend more money to go somewhere else and get what I want

Brett von Riesen

Definitely don’t order through their app. The drive thru cashier gave us half our order then tried to get rid of us. When we finally got her attention again, she told us they were out of everything else we’d ordered and already paid for. When we asked about a refund for the stuff they didn’t give us, she acted like that was unreasonable and said since we ordered through the app she can’t do anything. The last several times we’ve visited this location there has always been some problem or another.

Jasper James

Always LOVE going here, great service, friendly workers, great food and amazing hot or cold coffee. I dont think I’ve ever had an issues with them getting anything wrong. Absolutely would recommend!

Na Lee

Very slow, I think there might be only 1 worker there. Waited there for 15 minutes, not exaggerating. Waited in the drive though. Two car in-front of me, but till my turn, half way thought my order, worker told me to wait, I did, after a while I went to the window to check, but then the worker try to confront me, so I left. I don’t leave comments a lot but you guys really need to hit someone. This is just stupid!

Quirstin Marie

I went throught the drive through and the lady on the intercom was really rude. I would ask if the coffee was blended in the bending machine and wouldnt answer my questions directly she just keept beating around the bush. She had major attituide and i felt like she didnt like her job. And when j got my coffe it wasnt blended like i asked.

Jeffrey Bollman

Ordered via the app for walk-in. 5 minutes later I’m walking through the door & my order is ready & waiting for me!!

Mike Nguyen

Be careful when coming here on the weekend, I guess. It is one thing to get below-average service from a stressed out barista, but it felt strange to get poor treatment from an actual manager. Very rude communication at the drive-through, after waiting several minutes to finally hear from someone. Drink was also made overwhelmingly incorrectly. Very unfortunate.

Rebecca Boyd

Great staff but every time I visit this Dunkin’ my drink is almost entirely ice. It was a struggle to just get the straw in and after three drinks, my large iced latte was gone. Very disappointed:(

Phillip Tyshkun

35 plus minutes to get 2 large coffees, the employee finished her coffee before I even got mine. Would not recommend.

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