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Address: 1702 Pooler Pkwy, Pooler, GA 31322, United States

Phone: +1 912-988-7996

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 3.3

Website: https://locations.dunkindonuts.com/en/ga/pooler/1702-pooler-parkway/359195?utm_source=google&utm_medium=local&utm_campaign=localmaps&utm_content=359195&y_source=1_MTc0MzY4MzQtNzE1LWxvY2F0aW9uLndlYnNpdGU%3D

What Time Does Dunkin’ Open?

Sunday,: 4:30AM to 9PM

Monday,: 4:30AM to 9PM

Tuesday,: 4:30AM to 9PM

Wednesday,: 4:30AM to 9PM

Thursday,: 4:30AM to 9PM

Friday,: 4:30AM to 9PM

Saturday,: 4:30AM to 9PM

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Andrea Nemes

I’ve been here many times with my children since we live a mile away. I can honestly say most of the employees are down right rude. (I will say there have been a few who are genuinely kind and professional) BUT the bad outweighs the good! Again I went today, again my order was wrong! I bought a dozen donuts and 3 I wanted (lemon) are missing and replaced with 3 plain donuts. Also I now ask for a box (if I’m only buying 2 donuts) instead of a bag because they put my donuts in the bag upside down so that the icing is on the bottom stuck to the paperbag! I don’t understand this and also I’m lucky if they got my order right! Unbelievable. So now I ask for a box and I feel like I am being an inconvenience and a picky customer. Just terrible. Go somewhere else.

MajrPayne NurAss

FYI before I start,I do agree with the most of the reviews but today was different. Finally, employees that are friendly and won’t lie and say things like yes,I made this ” grilled” cheese sandwich myself and it wasn’t grilled but microwaved,<< that was my last experience at Dunkin. Meet Devin and Bree ,2 Dunkin Donuts employees that made me feel comfortable and made the product right which was a large frozen hot chocolate drink. Y'all need to learn from these 2 friendly faces. No photos this time because no need to take them.

Brianna West

Won’t be coming back to this location. We were one car behind the ordering window and waited behind them for about 6 minutes as we could overhear the employee listing out the available pastries. We pulled up at 7pm on the dot and were told immediately, “We are closed. We can’t serve you.” There was no one behind us… No apologies were offered but when we mentioned that we had been waiting in line prior to closing.. the response was, “Like I literally can’t sell you anything”.

Bri Bug

This dunkin is a mess. No managers on duty, “out of cold drinks completely”, they said. Idk how that’s even possible. 2 very young employees running the whole establishment, I don’t even think they were 18 & corporate doesn’t care to help them. Multiple people have reached out to corporate to get them some help and corporate doesn’t respond at all. I avoid this place completely.

Hunter Clark

This is the worst Dunkin’ Donuts I’ve ever been to. Orders are consistently wrong, drive thru is always unnecessarily long. I’ve been meaning to leave this review for a long time but each time I stop myself simply because I love dunkin and want to be wrong about this location but everytime they just disappoint.

Tammy Powers

Waste of money, Rude employees, and horrible service. The bagels we ordered with cream cheese smelled like cleaning bleach, and tasted bad our order of donuts were wrong and our coffees (2) were ordered with cream and sugar and they had nothing add to them! We asked for napkins twice and they just never responded. What a waste of money$

Allie Durovey

Visited for breakfast this morning and ordered omelette bites, avocado toast and an iced coffee, tried to order a bottle of coke as well but they were out. We were handed the iced coffee when we got to the window and instructed to pull around to wait for our hot food. I made the mistake of not checking the order before we left, once I did however I noticed that the avocado toast was just a piece of bread (not even toasted) in a bag with a tub of their avocado spread tossed in the bag. I could easily have done that at home for far cheaper! The service at this location has gone way down hill, I used to frequent here daily but I find myself going less and less, and I find myself more and more dissatisfied with my experiences. We used to order sweet tea but for the last few months we’ve noted the sweet tea usually tastes old or moldy like the line hasn’t been cleaned, so we’ve stopped ordering that, now apparently it’s time to stop ordering avocado toast as well. Please fix the problems here! We were so excited for this location to open but now not so much.

KATIE Golden

Waited 25 mins for someone to take our order in drive thru. Then they were out of most breads for sandwiches!? Then they had us pull up to wait longer for them to bring out food. Got 3 sandwiches and 1 hash brown that had 4 hash browns in it!!!??? WTH Dunkin’ at least load us up correctly or even more for the 30 min wait!!!! Smh


This location seems to always be out of items. Wanted to get my son some blueberry munchkins and they were out. About 2 weeks before that wanted to get the pesto and tomatoe grilled cheese and was told that they weren’t able to make it. I won’t be going their ever.

Matthew Mcquown

Drive thru is the only way to order. They are super slow and rude. How about you you open the lobby and let people come in. Seems like they keep it closed just so they don’t have to clean it. Employees could use some serious customer service training. Won’t be coming here again….

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