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Dough Joy

Address: 5401 17th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107



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Rating: 4.8


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Saturday,: 9AM to 2PM

Sunday,: 9AM to 2PM

Monday,: Closed

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Wednesday,: Closed

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Friday,: 9AM to 2PM

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Anna Baatz

We arrived around 11:30am today and luckily for us, while several flavors were sold out, the ones we’d wanted most were still in stock! Today we tried four: the reverse cookies and cream, the apple fritter, the stroopwaffle, and the everything bagel. All were amazing but the apple fritter and everything bagel were OBSCENELY good. The apple fritter was so dense and crispy with those tender chunks of cinnamon apple, and the everything bagel donut was the perfect blend of sweet and savory with that dollop of cream cheese in the middle that elevated it to perfection. Plus the staff are so friendly, there’s some outdoor seats by the truck and their music and merchandise are nice too. Go eat donuts!!!!

Andrea Cruz

Wow! If you had told me I was eating a 100% plant based Donut I would have never believed you. I was skeptical! I cannot believe these delicious donuts are not made with egg, milk, butter, etc.

They were fresh, fluffy, and the flavors fun! My favorite was the Strawberry Lemonade and my daughter loved the Churro. The Maple Bar, French Toast and Chocoholic did not disappoint. The Apple Fritter was the best I have ever had!

So happy they opened up a shop in West Seattle!

Denise Kutnick

Life can never have too much glitter, and I knew I had to try Dough Joy after seeing all those pictures of their glittery doughnuts so I traveled all the way from Lynnwood to try Dough Joy’s fluffy , glittery✨ creations, and they thoroughly exceeded my expectations!

The folks working at the truck were super welcoming and answered each of my questions about the doughnuts they had on rotation. They even threw in a 20% discount because I bought a dozen!

Cari J

Delicious vegan donuts and coffee plus amazing service. I’m so happy they opened a location in west Seattle, now I can indulge weekly! Stroopwafel is my favorite flavor but really you can’t go wrong.

Sarah D

So very excited to finally try Dough Joy! Awesome, amazing, and delicious donuts. Seriously so good. I tried the Petal to the Metal (rose flavored) and a Pride Donut (hints of vanilla a marshmallow). The humans working and running Dough Joy were so friendly and kind (hi Sean!). Totally made my morning. Do yourself a favor and stop by- just don’t wait too late in the morning, I got the last donuts of the day! These just might be the best donuts I’ve ever had.

Keri Schubkegel

Highly recommend!! We got the Cookie Butter Donut + Strawberry Milkshake Donut. Hands down the best donuts I’ve ever had. You have to get the Cookie Butter Donut! Also, very kind and helpful people working there!

Kirk Meeks

Tasty doughnuts with great texture and flavors! So many great options to choose from! 100% vegan! look forward to going back for more!

Julian A

My husband and I are SO impressed with Dough Joy! Not only do the doughnuts taste absolutely amazing but the flavors are so creative and we love that they incorporate seasonal flavors as well. The staff is beyond friendly with excellent customer service. It’s a bonus that they’re vegan doughnuts but any non-vegan will be impressed!

Kinsey Kahlo

I got to try some dough joy donuts recently, and I highly recommend them. This vegan donut truck is a great place to get vegan coffee and donuts in Ballard. They have lots of fun and unique flavors as well as some good ol classic flavors too. Their donuts are fluffy and very flavorful. So far, I’ve gotten to try their chicken and waffle skewer – that was great! (Picture attached) – their chili mango (sweet and spicy!), and their everything bagel donut (that was also amazing – sweet and savory!). Everything I’ve tried has been fabulous! I highly recommend dough joy.
I still like Mighty O’s vegan donuts too, but they are denser and heavier donuts than dough joy’s, and I personally prefer dough joy’s light, fluffy and fun flavored donuts.

Lauren Williams

Love Dough Joy! If you haven’t already checked out their Cap Hill location or food truck in Ballard, do it this week!!!. They just reopened their food truck this weekend, the people who work their are always nice and the donuts are always fresh and amazing. Today I had their strawberry cheesecake donut and it probably the best donut I’ve every had. I do say this with every new donut they put out. If you’re trying for the first time, try my favs cookie butta, pride and birthday cake.

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