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Address: 210 Coit Rd #240, McKinney, TX 75071

Phone: (469) 714-0891


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Rating: 4.4


What Time Does Donut box Open?

Saturday,: 5AM to 1PM

Sunday,: 5AM to 1PM

Monday,: 5AM to 1PM

Tuesday,: 5AM to 1PM

Wednesday,: 5AM to 1PM

Thursday,: 5AM to 1PM

Friday,: 5AM to 1PM

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Sarah Venters

We just recently moved and wanted to try a new donut shop closer to our house. My kids love getting donuts here every Saturday. I have 2 kids who love the novelty donuts (mermaid and dinosaur). I personally love the cronuts. The donuts are fresh, warm, and the service is great!

Kari Brown

The kids were super excited to have a donut shop open within walking distance. Cute, clean little donut shop! They only have 3 small tables for eat in, but their donuts are worth a trip to take home. The girl kid chose a unicorn and white glazed sprinkle donuts and described them as “yummy and fun!” The boy kid was beyond happy to eat a creative “dirt” donut with crushed Oreos and “squishy” gummy worms and fall sprinkles chocolate glazed. He said all of his donuts were “colorful and great” and is scheming to adopt a “weekly exercise walk” to Donut Box. I think that defeats the purpose of his health spin, but I’m sold! The adults had Bavarian cream filled chocolate eclairs and donut holes. All of our donuts were fresh, and my husband said his kolache was just as good as one from West, TX.

Ashley Gemperle

Donut Box made the cutest monster donuts for my son’s birthday party! Thanks for going above and beyond to make sure the design was right. The donuts were very tasty too!

Eddie Gibson

I just moved to Texas from California and I work over nights. The Donut Box is on my route home and I stop there twice a week to order their turkey croissants,1 Apple fritter and 1 cinnamon roll which are moist and delicious.

Lauren Kitts

Typically we love this place they have a great selection and atmosphere. However, this morning, we went to get our donuts and drinks and while checking out I heard the cashier ask another coworker how to charge for my 11 oz Starbucks doubleshot she was told to charge for the large (16 oz) I stopped them and said “that is not a large” all the employees looked at each other and said “well we don’t have the Large” they then asked the owner who was kneeling in the back. She approached the counter and said that was the only code she had in the computer and then repeated that they didn’t have the large version available. At this point I got frustrated and said so you’re just charging people for a large when in fact it is a small? She told me I was welcome to get something else at which point, I declined, and told her I would be reporting her. She tried to justify her actions by repeating “that was the only code she had” and would not be adjusting the cost. This business is charging double the cost of something simply because they don’t have the appropriate code in the computer and or cannot find the product for which they DO have a code. I have already reported this to the BBB although they are not members. To take advantage of the public in this way is bad business and the owner should be ashamed of herself. The simple remedy is to adjust the coding in the computer if you are unable to get the correct product, not over charge your customers for an extra dollar and convenience.

Mark Horvath

Donuts are always good, but the TIP request for a $15. Box of one dozen donuts.. ummm I don’t think so.

Bob Rose

Awesome service, watched an employee chase down someone who left a bag behind to make sure they got what they paid for.

Donuts are good and fresh. Always a quick in and out, even if there is a line, they work to move quickly.

Are doing a good job working through the pandemic with signage, spacing, and cleaning practices to make everyone feel comfortable.

Beth Dean

Very sweet employees, so kind! Good coffee and donuts! They also offer breakfast burritos if you’re not a big donut fan like me (but you’re grabbing donuts for the kiddos).

Bobby Leach

I stopped by yesterday morning for the first time. They are so friendly and their store is so clean. The donut case had a beautiful assortment to select from and the prices are very reasonable. I brought them home and my teenagers loved them! I asked them to rate them and they both said a 10. I asked them to compare to Krispy Kreme which they both love, and they both said “way better”!

I am sold and this will be our donut shop going forward.

John Y

A tad more expensive than other donut shops…and the donuts seem smaller. They barely fill their “creme” filled donuts…most places pump 2-3 times, they only pump once.

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