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Donut Bar

Address: 1380 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA 92109, United States

Phone: +1 858-239-2172


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Rating: 4


What Time Does Donut Bar Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 1PM, 5 to 10PM

Sunday,: 8AM to 2PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: 7AM to 2PM

Thursday,: 7AM to 2PM

Friday,: 7AM to 2PM, 5 to 10PM

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Gabi Goyette

These were surprisingly large! I enjoyed the presentation and variety of flavors available. My favorites were the Nutella filled donut and the sugar one! The other ones were a little bit more dense and not my thing. They were excellent even a few days later just with a little zap in the microwave.

The hot chocolate was good as well! It wasn’t overly sweet or overly milky.

Heidi Sophia

The owner, Rose, helped me get a special order together for my boyfriends birthday. She was so kind and helpful and the donuts were amazing! Fresh and Delicious- highly recommend Donut Bar Pacific Beach!

xannie schmidt

Unbelievably delicious!!!!! I can’t even put into words how incredible their donuts are. If you’re ordering through a delivery service, just know some of their donuts are massive! We ended up slicing them since they’re so big! Definitely stop by here- you won’t be disappointed!!!

Maryam Shahid

Sooo good!! The donuts are the perfect amount of sweetness, they have so much variety in so many different sizes. And so unique! My favorite is the birthday Oreo cake. Inside the donut is an ooey gooey delicious melted Oreo. The creme brûlée donut is also delicious, it has a cream filling. We came here twice for donuts during our visit (our goal was to visit a different place each day but we couldn’t resist coming here twice!).

Wish the hours were longer, I think they’re open from 7am-1pm but at noon they were already cleaning up and 98% of the donuts are gone.

Tyron Pretorius

My roommate and I split the crème brûlée, coconut, Nutella filled, traditional with vanilla glaze, regular donut with glaze, and the bacon caramel. All were great but my top three are the bacon caramel, the coconut, and the crème brûlée


Donut bar’s donuts are definitely the best ever donuts I’ve ever had. I consider them the next level donuts. They are not only for kids, but also for adults, not only for girls, but also for guys. My favorite is always the strawberry/mixed berry cream donut. I have a not too sweet tooth, and this is perfect for me, it is fluffy, creamy and not overly sweet. I just can’t help myself to think of this donut a lot! My husband is a meat and cheese lover, the maple bacon and weekend grilled cheese & bacon donut is his go-to. I actually love the grilled cheese donut too. It is a great brunch meal. Grab donuts and enjoy them on the beach, that calls the best life. They have super cute donut products to sell~~~ the pink “donut worry” coffee mug has all their famous donuts illustrated on. Come to check it out!

Ryan Rhodes

We came late on a holiday and all the good stuff was gone. We will try again soon. What we did get was really good though. The Cheese Cake was the winner!


These are the best donuts. I have also been to this one in San Diego and Las Vegas (the ones the owner and creator owns). My hubby and I know the owner and chef. He is a great person and cooks with best ingredients. The flavored beers are wonderful too. I never thought to have beer with donuts. It is amazing. Try it if you haven’t. It is worth it.

Lisa Mattia

I came here the other day and got the triple threat chocolate cake donut and the raspberry cheesecake donut as well as a coffee. The first thing I noticed was that the donuts are amazingly huge, but when it comes to taste, they are no better than any other donut shop. It is not a busy place at all, which is not what I expected given the reputation of the original Donut Bar in downtown. In fact, I think that is the only thing working against this location. This business was even recognized by the Food Network at one time, so I had way higher expectations. I wanted so badly to be like, “wow, these donuts knock my socks off!” This location needs new energy.

Zachary Bach

Absolutely amazing! The owners, Rose and Ben, are fantastic people that truly care about their customers and their community.

If you’re here on vacation and you googled nearby donuts, this is the place you’re looking for.

If you live here locally, this should definitely be your go-to spot.

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