Does Smoothie King still do $5 smoothies?

Smoothie King is a popular smoothie chain known for offering affordable smoothies and other blended drinks. One of their most popular promotional offers over the years has been the $5 smoothie deal. This article will explore whether Smoothie King still offers any $5 smoothie options for customers on a budget.

The History of Smoothie King’s $5 Smoothies

Smoothie King first introduced their $5 smoothie promotion back in 2012. This allowed customers to get any 20 oz. smoothie for just $5, making Smoothie King’s already affordable smoothies even more budget-friendly. The $5 smoothies were an immediate hit with customers and helped drive significant growth for the chain during this period.

The original $5 smoothie options included all of Smoothie King’s classic smoothie flavors like Strawberry Kiwi Breeze, Island Green, and Angel Food. The promotion applied to any recipe that Smoothie King offered at the time, giving budget-conscious customers tons of options.

In addition to the ongoing $5 smoothies available every day, Smoothie King also ran limited-time $5 smoothie deals tied to holidays and events. For instance, around the 2012 London Olympics they offered five new $5 “Athlete’s Blend” smoothies for a limited time.

The $5 smoothie deal was so successful for Smoothie King that they continued offering it for years. While prices did gradually increase over time, customers could reliably count on getting Smoothie King smoothies for around $5 or less with the promotion.

Does Smoothie King Still Offer Any $5 Smoothies in 2023?

In 2023, Smoothie King no longer offers an ongoing national $5 smoothie promotion. However, it is still possible to get select smoothies for around $5 or less at certain times and locations.

Ways to Get $5 Smoothies at Smoothie King

  • Location-specific deals – Some Smoothie King locations run special $5 smoothie deals unique to that store. These are offered at the discretion of local franchise owners.
  • Mobile app deals – Smoothie King’s mobile app regularly offers coupons for $5 smoothies that can be redeemed in-store or for pickup orders.
  • Happy Hour – During daily Happy Hour from 2pm to 4pm, Smoothie King offers small smoothies for $4, regular for $5, and large for $6.
  • Rewards program – Members of Smoothie King’s Healthy Rewards program can sometimes get coupons for $5 or cheaper smoothies by collecting points.
  • Retail store partners – When Smoothie King has smoothie bars inside places like grocery stores, they sometimes run $5 smoothie promotions.
  • Limited-time offers – Smoothie King will still run temporary $5 smoothie deals around holidays, events, or for new product launches.

So while the days of getting any smoothie for $5 are gone, Smoothie King does still provide ways for budget-minded smoothies lovers to enjoy discounted smoothies in the $5 range.

Why Did Smoothie King Get Rid of the Ongoing $5 Smoothie Deal?

Smoothie King’s decision to move away from the ongoing, chain-wide $5 smoothie promotion was likely influenced by a few key factors:

  • Increasing costs – Food and ingredient costs have risen over the past decade, making it more expensive for Smoothie King to produce their smoothies. This made it difficult to profitably sustain $5 smoothies at scale.
  • Brand evolution – As Smoothie King updated their brand image and focused more on health-conscious consumers, they began moving away from deep discounting that could make their smoothies seem like more of a commodity.
  • Industry changes – Many competing smoothie chains moved away from the same type of large-scale $5 promotions, suggesting it may no longer be a viable strategy in the current market.
  • Customer data – Smoothie King likely uses customer data and purchase information to optimize promotional strategies. The data may have showed the $5 deal was no longer driving growth or attracting their target audience.

Essentially, Smoothie King outgrew the ongoing $5 promotion as the company and industry evolved. But targeted $5 deals are still useful for driving interest and trial among new customers in specific markets.

How Much do Smoothie King Smoothies Cost in 2023?

Without a standard $5 promotion in place, Smoothie King smoothies range in price from about $7 to $13 based on size and custom add-ins.

Smoothie King Smoothie Prices

Size Average Price Range
Small $7 – $9
Regular $8 – $11
Large $9 – $13

These are the baseline prices for standard smoothie recipes without any premium customizations added. Expect to pay a dollar or two more if you add supplements or ingredients like protein or immunity boosters.

Smoothie King also offers smoothie bowls and parfaits in the $7 to $11 price range on average.

Ways to Save on Smoothie King Smoothies

While Smoothie King smoothies are no longer $5 across the board, there are ways to save and get the best deal on your blended drinks:

  • Use Smoothie King coupons and app deals
  • Join their Healthy Rewards loyalty program
  • Take advantage of in-store promotions and happy hour
  • Only add extra ingredients you really value
  • Order a small or regular size smoothie
  • Stick to lower-priced classic smoothie recipes
  • Check social media for limited-time deals
  • Redeem Smoothie King gift cards or store credit

How Smoothie Prices at Smoothie King Compare to Competitors

Smoothie King’s smoothie prices remain competitive compared to other major smoothie chains. Here is an overview of how Smoothie King’s pricing stacks up against key competitors as of November 2023:

Smoothie King vs. Jamba Juice

  • Jamba Juice small smoothies: $6.45
  • Jamba Juice regular: $7.45
  • Smoothie King is roughly $1 cheaper per size

Smoothie King vs. Planet Smoothie

  • Planet Smoothie 16 oz.: $7.79
  • Planet Smoothie 24 oz.: $8.99
  • Smoothie King is around $0.50 – $1 cheaper per size

Smoothie King vs. Smoothie Factory

  • Smoothie Factory regular: $7.50
  • Smoothie Factory large: $8.50
  • Smoothie King is around $0.50 – $1.50 cheaper per size

Smoothie King prices tend to beat out most competitor pricing by a small margin. Their large smoothies offer especially good value compared to places like Jamba Juice and Planet Smoothie.

Is Smoothie King Still Worth It Without the $5 Smoothies?

For loyal Smoothie King fans, the loss of the $5 national smoothie promotion is disappointing. But there are still good reasons Smoothie King can be worth the slightly higher prices in 2023:

  • Taste – Smoothie King smoothies remain delicious and fresh.
  • Nutrition – They focus on nutritious ingredients and healthy recipes.
  • Quality – Smoothie King uses real fruits and vegetables, not sugary concentrates.
  • Selection – Over 100 smoothie recipes and flavors to choose from.
  • Customization – Add supplements, proteins, and other boosts to fit your needs.
  • Convenience – Speedy service and easy ordering via app.
  • Affordability – Still competitively priced compared to alternatives.
  • Deals – Ongoing promotions, coupons, and happy hour specials.
  • Loyalty rewards – Earn points and free smoothies in their Healthy Rewards program.

While the $5 smoothies were an exceptional deal, Smoothie King still offers a quality product and experience at a fair price point given rising costs. For smoothie fans, it remains a go-to destination.

The Future Possibility of $5 Smoothies Returning to Smoothie King

Will $5 smoothies ever make a permanent comeback at Smoothie King? Never say never, but a few factors make it unlikely:

  • Food costs would need to decrease significantly to make $5 smoothies profitable again.
  • Industry trends continue to move away from deep discounting.
  • Smoothie King is focused on positioning as a health-focused brand.
  • Their current targeted promotions are likely more effective for their goals.

However, it’s possible Smoothie King could choose to bring back a nationwide $5 smoothie deal briefly for strategic purposes like driving trial, launching a new product line, or generating buzz. But the days of always getting a $5 smoothie at Smoothie King appear to be over.


Smoothie King no longer offers an ongoing, chain-wide $5 smoothie promotion in 2023. But through location deals, mobile offers, happy hour, and other targeted specials, it’s still sometimes possible to get select Smoothie King smoothies for around $5.

Smoothie prices have risen to around $7 – $13 based on size and customizations. However, Smoothie King’s smoothies remain a fairly priced treat for health-conscious smoothie lovers thanks to their quality ingredients, delicious flavors, and nutrition. And savvy customers can still find ways to save money and discover occasional $5 smoothie deals at their local Smoothie King.

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