Does Smoothie King have $5 Fridays still?

Smoothie King is a popular smoothie chain that is known for having promotions like “Five Dollar Fridays” where customers can get smoothies for only $5 on Fridays. Many Smoothie King fans look forward to Five Dollar Fridays to get delicious and nutritious smoothies at an affordable price. But does Smoothie King still offer this popular promotion in 2022?

The History of Five Dollar Fridays at Smoothie King

Smoothie King started Five Dollar Fridays back in 2012. Every Friday, customers could come in and get 20-ounce smoothies for just $5 each. This allowed people to get their favorite Smoothie King smoothies at a steep discount compared to the usual prices. Five Dollar Fridays were an immediate hit with Smoothie King customers and quickly became one of their most popular weekly promotions.

For years, Smoothie King continued Five Dollar Fridays as a regular weekly deal. Customers came to depend on being able to stop by their local Smoothie King to pick up an affordable smoothie to kickstart their weekends. Many people even started their own Friday traditions of grabbing Smoothie King smoothies on their way to work or school.

The Five Dollar Fridays promotion was especially popular for people looking for quick and inexpensive meal options. At only $5, a 20-ounce Smoothie King smoothie was a great value and provided a convenient meal or snack. The smoothies were seen as both tasty and nutritious.

The Discontinuation of Five Dollar Fridays

In early 2020, Smoothie King quietly discontinued their popular Five Dollar Fridays promotion. They removed any mention of Five Dollar Fridays from their website and in-store marketing materials. When Friday came around, customers were no longer able to get $5 smoothies.

The cancellation of Five Dollar Fridays took many loyal Smoothie King customers by surprise. People had come to depend on the weekly deals for affordable smoothies. With no formal announcement or warning, customers were disappointed to find the Five Dollar Fridays promotion gone.

Based on customer complaints posted online, it seems the cancellation of Five Dollar Fridays was part of a larger move by Smoothie King to scale back discounts and promotions. With the promotion gone, customers now had to pay full price for smoothies – often $7-10 for a 20-ounce cup.

The loss of the Five Dollar Fridays became a major concern for many Smoothie King customers. People who used to love visiting for their $5 Friday smoothies were no longer as eager to go on Fridays. Some customers started going to competitors instead to find more affordable options.

Does Smoothie King Have Any Friday Deals Now?

Since Smoothie King discontinued Five Dollar Fridays in 2020, they have not offered any regular Friday discounts or promotions. Most Smoothie King locations simply charge their normal menu prices all day on Fridays, with no special deals.

However, select Smoothie King franchises may still run local Friday promotions at their discretion. These are not nationwide deals, but instead set by individual franchise owners and managers. So while corporate-owned Smoothie King stores no longer do Five Dollar Fridays, franchise locations may.

Some examples of potential Friday deals at franchise Smoothie King stores include:

  • Dollar-off deals, like $2 off smoothies
  • BOGO offers, like buy one get one half off
  • Free add-on offers, like free supplements or protein
  • Loyalty member specials, like extra points or discounts
  • First-time customer Fridays, with deals for new customers signing up

However, there is no guarantee any given Smoothie King will have Friday specials. Checking with your local stores directly is the only way to know if they are running any Friday promotions.

Why Did Smoothie King Get Rid of Five Dollar Fridays?

Smoothie King has never directly explained their reasoning for ending Five Dollar Fridays in 2020. However, based on the timing, there are some likely factors that led to the decision:

  • Increasing costs – Ingredients, labor, rent, and other costs may have made $5 too low of a price point to be sustainable.
  • Desire for higher profit margins – Discounts can squeeze profit margins, so full prices may have been aimed at increasing revenue.
  • New leadership – Smoothie King had a CEO change in 2019 which may have led to new strategies.
  • Competitive landscape – With rivals like Jamba Juice struggling, Smoothie King may have felt less pressure to keep discounts.

Ultimately, Smoothie King probably determined the costs of Five Dollar Fridays outweighed the benefits. While customers loved the promotion, the company may have decided it was no longer viably profitable at a $5 price point.

Is There Any Chance Five Dollar Fridays Will Return?

Smoothie King has given no indication that the popular Five Dollar Fridays promotion will be making a comeback. Considering it has already been gone for nearly three years, it seems unlikely the weekly $5 deal will return.

However, it’s possible Smoothie King could introduce some form of Friday promotion in the future based on customer demand. This may not be the full Five Dollar Fridays as before, but a modified version.

Potential options Smoothie King could consider include:

  • Friday discounts, like $2-3 off instead of $5 off
  • Rewards member only Friday deals
  • First Friday of the month $5 smoothies
  • Special seasonal $5 Fridays, like back to school or summer

Smoothie King likely has strong data on customer visits and purchases on Fridays since discontinuing Five Dollar Fridays. If Friday sales drop significantly without promotions, it may motivate them to bring back some form of Friday specials.

However, Smoothie King also has to balance providing value to customers versus maintaining strong profit margins. Unless ingredient and labor costs decrease, they may find it too challenging to restart a full $5 promotion. But some form of Friday deal could return if customers make it clear that they miss and want them.

How to Get Discounted Smoothies on Fridays Now

While Five Dollar Fridays are gone for now, there are still some ways to get discounted Smoothie King smoothies on Fridays if you know where to look. Some options include:

  • Check for Friday deals at your local franchises – These are limited but can include dollar-off, BOGO, or free add-on promotions.
  • Use Smoothie King coupons – Print or digital coupons can be used for $1-2 off smoothies systemwide.
  • Sign up for Smoothie King Healthy Rewards – Earn points with purchases towards free smoothies and other rewards.
  • Order weekday Happy Hour smoothies – Get lower prices by ordering between 2-4 pm.
  • Take advantage of seasonal specials – Holidays and times like back to school may have systemwide promotions.
  • Split/share a smoothie – Get two straws and split a large smoothie to replicate the old $5 Fridays deal.

With a little creativity and effort, you can still find ways to get reduced price Smoothie King smoothies on Fridays. But for now, the era of walking in and ordering a $5 smoothie every Friday has passed. Customers will have to hope Smoothie King reconsiders some form of Friday promotions in the future.


Smoothie King’s popular Five Dollar Fridays promotion provided an affordable way for customers to enjoy delicious smoothies to end their week. For many, visiting Smoothie King for $5 smoothies became a regular Friday tradition. Unfortunately for loyal patrons, the company ended Five Dollar Fridays in 2020 and has not offered regular Friday deals since.

The decision to remove Five Dollar Fridays was likely an attempt to reduce discounts and increase profit margins. However, it came as a disappointment to customers who had come to depend on the weekly smoothie deals. While some franchise locations may still have occasional Friday promotions, the era of reliable cheap Friday smoothies has largely ended at Smoothie King.

There is always a chance Smoothie King could reinstate a form of Friday specials if customer demand is strong enough. But the original Five Dollar Fridays are unlikely to return systemwide. For budget-conscious smoothie lovers, the best options are to look for coupons, loyalty programs, and check for any in-store Friday specials. Or consider splitting a large smoothie to get a few more affordable sips of your Friday smoothie fix.

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