Does Dodgers still have all you can eat?

The Los Angeles Dodgers are one of the most popular and successful franchises in Major League Baseball. They have a large and dedicated fanbase who flock to Dodger Stadium for games. One of the stadium’s major draws over the years has been their all you can eat seats. Fans are curious whether the Dodgers still offer this popular ticket option.

Do the Dodgers still have all you can eat seats?

Yes, the Dodgers still offer all you can eat seats at Dodger Stadium. The seats are located in the Right Field Pavilion and Left Field Pavilion sections. Fans in these sections can enjoy an unlimited buffet of ballpark classics like hot dogs, peanuts, nachos, and soft drinks. The all you can eat ticket option has been a staple at Dodger Stadium for years.

When did the Dodgers start offering all you can eat seats?

The Dodgers first introduced all you can eat seats at Dodger Stadium in the 1980s as a promotional tool to help drive ticket sales. They were among the first MLB teams to offer such a ticket option. The concept proved very popular with fans and became an entrenched part of the Dodger Stadium experience.

How much do the all you can eat seats cost?

The Dodgers all you can eat tickets do come at a premium price compared to regular tickets. In 2023, the all you can eat seats cost $75 per ticket. Considering fans can gorge on unlimited hot dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn, and soda, many find it a fair price for the endless food and drinks.

History of All You Can Eat at Dodger Stadium

The all you can eat seats at Dodger Stadium have become ingrained in the lore and culture of the team. Let’s take a deeper look at the origins and evolution of this popular ticket option for fans.

1980s Introduction

When first introduced in the 1980s, the Dodgers all you can eat seats were known as “Eats.” They debuted in the Right Field Pavilion section of the stadium priced at just $5 per ticket. The menu was basic – hot dogs, peanuts, popcorn, and soda. But for $5, fans could gorge on unlimited food. It immediately became a hit.

1990s Expansion

Seeing the popularity of the all you can eat “Eats” concept, the Dodgers expanded it to more sections in the 1990s. By the mid-90s, all you can eat had been extended to the Left Field Pavilion as well. The menu also expanded, adding nachos, ice cream sandwiches, and other ballpark fare. Ticket prices increased to $10-15 per seat to accommodate the improved offerings.

2000s Upgrades

In the 2000s, the Dodgers gave their all you can eat areas upgrades including new menus on the LCD screens and all-digital registers. This allowed fans to easily see menu options and speeds up service. The menu expanded again, adding sausages, pulled pork sandwiches, and churros. Ticket prices climbed to $25-30 per seat.

2010s Value Pricing

In recent seasons, the Dodgers made an effort to keep all you can eat ticket prices affordable compared to the rest of MLB. Prices held steady around $40-50 per ticket, while other teams jacked up their prices. The value kept Dodger Stadium all you can eat seats in high demand.

Menu Items & Concessions Offered

One of the big appeals of the Dodgers all you can eat seats is the seemingly endless buffet of ballpark food included. Fans can happily indulge on classic ballgame fare without worrying about going hungry or breaking the bank.

Hot Dogs

No ballgame food is more iconic than the humble hot dog. Dodgers fans in the all you can eat sections can enjoy as many grilled Dodger Dogs as their hearts and stomachs desire. From traditional hot dogs to spicy hot links, there’s a dog for every fan.


Loaded with melted cheese, jalapenos, salsa, and more, Dodger Stadium nachos are a delicious staple. Fans can grab a fresh tray of gooey nachos every inning if they wish. Add on chili or pulled pork to customize your nachos.


For many fans, a ballgame just isn’t complete without salted peanuts. In the all you can eat areas, you can snack on peanuts to your heart’s content. Peanuts are a classic ballpark treat and perfect for enjoying the game.


What goes better with peanuts than popcorn? This tasty snack is a ballpark essential. Fans can grab freshly popped bags of popcorn throughout the game in the all you can eat sections. Munch away without worrying about limits.

Soda & Water

Unlimited soda from the fountains is included with the Dodgers all you can eat tickets. Stay refreshed with your choice of Coca-Cola products like Coke, Sprite, and Powerade. Bottled water options are also available.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cool off with a tasty ice cream sandwich for dessert. Vanilla ice cream sandwiched between chocolate wafers is the perfect sweet treat. You can grab ice cream sandwiches all game long from the concessions stands.


The Dodgers introduced fresh churros to the all you can eat menu in the 2000s. These crunchy Mexican pastries rolled in cinnamon sugar make a delicious snack. Fans with a sweet tooth can enjoy churros between innings.

Strategies for Making the Most of It

To help fans get the most out of the Dodgers all you can eat experience, here are some tips and strategies for indulging without overdoing it:

Come Hungry

Don’t eat a heavy meal beforehand. Part of the fun is sampling as much food as you want, so start with an empty stomach.

Pace Yourself

It can be tempting to gorge right away, but take it slow. Grab a hot dog early, but wait till later innings for heavier stuff like nachos.

Focus on Favorites

With endless options, stick to your personal favorites instead of trying to sample everything. You’re likely to enjoy the experience more.

Stay Hydrated

All that food needs plenty of hydration. Sip soda and water between snacks to help your stomach.

Share With Friends

If you come with friends and family, share snacks. It’s a great way to sample more menu items without overeating.

Take Game Breaks

When innings change or there’s a pitching change, take a quick break from eating to digest. Then grab more food!

Value & Cost Analysis

The all you can eat seats may seem pricey, but they offer excellent value compared to regular tickets plus food. Let’s break down the math.

Ticket Price

In 2023, Dodgers all you can eat tickets cost $75 per seat. For a family of four, that’s $300 total. Regular non-all you can eat tickets in similar sections cost $30 per seat, so $120 for four people.

Food Costs

With the regular tickets, a family of four might spend $40-60 on food and drinks. For all you can eat, it’s included!

Total Costs

Regular tickets with food for four people = Around $180
All you can eat tickets for four people = $300

Value Analysis

While the upfront cost is higher, all you can eat tickets offer up to $120 in extra value if you can eat more than $60 worth of food per person. For families with big appetites, they are a relative bargain.

Ticket Type Ticket Cost Est. Food Cost Total Cost
Regular Seats $120 $60 $180
All You Can Eat Seats $300 Included $300

Tips for Families

For families with kids, the Dodgers all you can eat seats can be an excellent value. Here are some tips for families to maximize the experience:

Split Up

Send different family members for food at once so you always have snacks coming.

Younger Kids Eat Free

Little ones under age 3 get in free and can share their parents’ food.

Pack Essentials

Bring bibs, wet wipes, spill-proof cups, and changes of clothes when bringing toddlers.

Take Breaks

Head to the kids play area when your little ones need to burn energy between innings.

Share Dessert

Let kids share a churro or ice cream sandwich so they don’t overdo the sugar.

Focus on Kid Favorites

Stick to simple foods like hot dogs, popcorn, and soda that appeal most to kids.

Pros & Cons of All You Can Eat

While the Dodgers all you can eat seats offer excellent value and convenience, they aren’t perfect. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Endless food and drink included
  • Great value if you can eat a lot
  • Convenient, no carrying food to seats
  • Fun, indulgent experience for fans
  • Kid-friendly option


  • Upfront cost is higher
  • Can overeat and feel uncomfortable
  • Lines can get long at peak times
  • Not close to field; worse view
  • Less appeal for light eaters

The Future of All You Can Eat

The Dodgers all you can eat seats have been a hit for over 30 years now. What does the future hold for this iconic ticket option? Here are some predictions:

Higher Prices

As costs rise, expect all you can eat ticket prices to creep up to $100+ in coming years.

New Menu Items

Look for the Dodgers to test more unique and upscale foods like chicken tenders, plant-based meats, and fresh veggies.

Expanded Sections

If demand stays high, the Dodgers may extend all you can eat to more ticket sections at Dodger Stadium.

Copycat MLB Teams

Seeing the Dodgers success, more MLB teams could introduce their own all you can eat ticket sections.

Premium “VIP” Version

The Dodgers may offer an upscale premium all you can eat experience with higher-end foods and drinks.


The Dodgers all you can eat seats remain a legendary part of the Dodger Stadium experience after 30+ years. Fans can still enjoy unlimited hot dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn, soda, and other ballgame staples. While the tickets cost more upfront, they offer great value for families and big eaters. Expect the Dodgers to continue offering all you can eat tickets for years to come.

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