Do you get a play button for 1000 subscribers?

Getting your first 1000 subscribers on YouTube is an exciting milestone for any new YouTuber. Once you hit that goal, one of the first questions you’ll probably have is: Do you get a YouTube play button for 1000 subscribers? The short answer is no, unfortunately YouTube does not send out an official play button award for hitting 1000 subscribers. However, there are some unofficial options you can consider to celebrate and commemorate reaching 1000 subs.

YouTube Play Button Overview

YouTube offers official play button awards to channels once they reach certain subscriber milestones. Here is a quick overview of the YouTube play buttons:

  • Silver Play Button – Awarded at 100,000 subscribers
  • Gold Play Button – Awarded at 1,000,000 subscribers
  • Diamond Play Button – Awarded at 10,000,000 subscribers
  • Custom Play Button – Awarded at 50,000,000 subscribers and beyond

So as you can see, the first official play button from YouTube is the Silver Play Button at 100,000 subscribers. There is no official award for hitting 1000 subscribers.

Why There’s No Play Button for 1000 Subscribers

YouTube likely does not offer an official award for 1000 subscribers because it is still considered a relatively small channel at that point. While reaching 1000 subscribers is certainly an impressive feat, it is just the very beginning when it comes to growing an audience on YouTube.

YouTube wants the play buttons to feel like truly exclusive, elite awards. If they offered a play button to every channel with 1000 subs, that would be over 2 million channels eligible based on public data. So it would reduce the prestige and exclusivity of earning a play button.

The earliest milestone of 100,000 subscribers for the Silver Play Button puts channels in the top 3% of creators on the platform. So YouTube wants the play buttons to reward top-tier creators, not just those getting started.

Other Ways to Celebrate 1000 Subscribers

While you won’t get an official play button from YouTube for 1000 subscribers, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate and commemorate the achievement with your audience:

  • Create a special celebratory video thanking your fans
  • Do a live stream event for subscribers
  • Offer exclusive content or deals for loyal subscribers
  • Create some special channel art or overlays calling out the milestone
  • Share the news on social media and with your email list
  • Buy a custom-made silver-colored play button from Etsy or another platform

The main goal is to make your subscribers feel special and recognized for being a part of your first 1000 fans. Use your creativity to show them how much you appreciate their views, comments, and support leading up to this milestone.

Unofficial Play Buttons You Can Buy

While you won’t get a real YouTube play button for 1000 subscribers, you can actually buy unofficial replicas online. Here are some options:


Many sellers on Etsy offer custom-made YouTube play button replicas. These are not official YouTube awards, but customized buttons made to look similar to the real ones.

For example, you can buy a silver 1000 subscriber play button made from acrylic, wood, metal, or crystal for around $50-$100 on Etsy. You provide your channel name and the seller will customize it for you.


Search on Amazon for “YouTube play button 1000 subscribers” and you’ll find various button options made of materials like acrylic, glass, and metal. Prices range from $30-$60.

For example, this acrylic silver button from JINUNZHE on Amazon costs $33 and lets you customize the channel name and subscriber milestone.


eBay sellers also offer 1000 subscriber YouTube play button replicas and customization. This can be another place to look if you want an affordable way to commemorate reaching 1000 subs.

Buttons made of materials like acrylic or metal tend to cost $30-$60 based on current eBay listings.

Should You Buy a Custom Play Button?

Buying a custom, unofficial play button can be a fun way to celebrate hitting 1000 subscribers if you want a physical item to display. However, it’s not necessary by any means. Here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Lets you have a play button-style award even though YouTube doesn’t offer one
  • Tangible item you can proudly display to represent your accomplishment
  • Relatively inexpensive way to commemorate a major milestone
  • Fun to unbox and show off in videos, streams, and social posts


  • It’s not an official YouTube award so lacks the prestige
  • You have to pay money to get one when YouTube gives them for free
  • Some viewers may see it as tacky or not as impressive
  • Quality and appearance may not match a real YouTube play button

Overall, it comes down to your personal preference as a creator. If you love collecting memorabilia and physical items from your achievements, a custom 1000 subscriber play button could be a nice addition. But don’t feel like you absolutely need one to validate reaching that sub count milestone.

Other Milestone Awards Besides Play Buttons

Instead of a play button replica, you may want to look into other types of awards or physical items to reward yourself for 1000 subscribers. Here are some ideas:

  • Plaque or certificate – Create a customized plaque or frame a subscriber milestone certificate
  • Trophy – Buy a trophy cup award customized with your channel info
  • Medals – Design metal medallions or ribbons to commemorate subscriber goals
  • Printable artwork – Download printable YouTube thumbnail templates and milestone graphics
  • Poster – Get a big poster celebrating your 1000 sub count achievement

Etsy sellers offer many of these types of milestone awards products you can customize with your channel name and info. Or you can find templates online to make your own physical items.

Should You Make Your Own Play Button?

Instead of buying one, another option is to make your own DIY YouTube play button for 1000 subscribers. This allows you to completely customize the design.

Here are some ideas for do-it-yourself play buttons:

  • 3D print or laser engrave a button
  • Cut a button shape out of wood, acrylic, plastic, or metal
  • Use craft materials like beads, glitter, and gems to create a play button
  • Make a clay sculpture play button and paint it
  • Fold an origami YouTube play button
  • Decorate glass or clear acrylic with etching, paint, stickers, etc.

If you’re crafty and have access to DIY tools, making your own 1000 subscriber play button can be a creative way to celebrate. You could even do it as a project on your channel to document the process.

The limitation is that you likely won’t be able to perfectly match the high production value of real polished metal YouTube play buttons. But as a homemade item, viewers will be impressed you crafted it yourself.

Do YouTube Channels with 1000 Subscribers Make Money?

Once you cross 1000 YouTube subscribers, you may start wondering if you can begin monetizing your channel and making money from ads. Unfortunately, just having 1000 subs is not enough to join the YouTube Partner Program and be able to earn revenue from your videos.

Here are the current eligibility requirements for YPP:

  • 1000 subscribers
  • 4000 public watch hours in the last 12 months
  • AdSense account connected
  • No copyright strikes
  • Agree to YouTube monetization policies

So in addition to gaining 1000 subscribers, you’ll also need 4000 watch hours over a 12 month span before your channel can begin earning money through ads.

The reason for the watch time requirement is to ensure channels have an active, engaged user base actually watching their content before monetizing. Just having subscribers is not enough.

Once you meet both criteria, you can apply to the YouTube Partner Program and activate monetization. This allows you to earn a percentage of revenue from all the ads displayed on your videos.

Other Ways for 1000 Sub Channel to Make Money

While 1000 subscribers alone is not enough to monetize through YouTube directly, there are some other ways you can potentially start generating some revenue:

  • Sell shirts, hoodies, hats, or other merch
  • Create exclusive content or benefits for paying members
  • Offer paid shoutouts, promotions, or brand deals
  • Use affiliate marketing to earn commissions promoting products
  • Build an email list to sell digital products or services
  • Add sponsorships or native ads from brands

Don’t expect to immediately earn a lot with only 1000 loyal subscribers. But you can start testing out some income streams to slowly monetize as you continue growing your audience.


Hitting 1000 YouTube subscribers is an awesome and meaningful accomplishment for any channel. It shows you have built an audience that finds value in your content. While 1000 subs does not qualify for an official play button or YouTube monetization, it is still worth celebrating.

Consider doing a special video, subscriber milestone stream, or social media giveaway to thank your fans. And if having a physical award is important to you, look into buying a custom silver play button from Etsy, Amazon, or eBay for fairly cheap.

Getting 1000 loyal, engaged subscribers puts you in a great position to eventually reach the requirements for YPP. Continue providing value to your fans and more milestones will be unlocked before you know it.

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