Do they make Hershey’s syrup in the can anymore?

Hershey’s chocolate syrup is an iconic pantry staple that has been enjoyed by generations of chocolate lovers. The familiar can with the brown lid and flat top has graced many kitchen cabinets and refrigerators since the early 1900s. But in recent years, some Hershey’s syrup aficionados have noticed that the classic can seems to be disappearing from store shelves. So is the era of the Hershey’s syrup can coming to an end?

The History of Hershey’s Syrup in a Can

Hershey’s syrup first hit the market in 1926, packaged in a 16 oz can with a flat steel lid. The innovative packaging made Hershey’s stand out from other chocolate syrups sold in glass bottles or tin cans. The sealed can kept the syrup fresh and allowed easy dispensing directly onto ice cream or other treats.

For nearly a century, the Hershey’s syrup can changed very little. Generations of families grew up with the familiar can in their homes. The flat steel lid evolved to a flat plastic lid sometime in the late 1900s, but the iconic can remained largely unchanged.

However, in recent decades, we’ve seen a move away from canned foods in general. Glass jars, plastic squeeze bottles, and other packaging have become more prevalent. Could this trend spell the end of the classic Hershey’s syrup can?

The Decline of the Can

There are some signs that Hershey’s has begun phasing out the syrup can:

  • Canned Hershey’s syrup is becoming harder to find in stores. More locations now stock the plastic squeeze bottles.
  • Hershey’s own product locator shows the canned version is becoming less available. Many major retailers no longer carry it.
  • The can doesn’t appear prominently on Hershey’s website anymore. The focus is on the plastic bottles.

Additionally, canned foods in general have been on the decline for years. Consumers often perceive cans as old-fashioned, and associate them with unhealthy, processed foods. The can’s popularity has been falling since the 1980s as plastic, glass, and cardboard packaging becomes more dominant.

Why Hershey’s May Be Moving Away from the Can

There are some potential reasons why Hershey’s seems to be using less can packaging:

  • Perceived health factors – Canned foods are often seen as less healthy than fresh foods. Hershey’s may want to dissociate its syrup from this perception.
  • Environmental concerns – Cans have higher carbon footprints than some other packaging options. Hershey’s may be trying to reduce its environmental impact.
  • Convenience and portion control – The squeeze bottles offer more precision pouring and easier storage.
  • Changing tastes – Today’s consumers often prefer natural, less processed foods. Hershey’s may want to modernize its brand image.
  • Retailer demand – Grocery stores have less shelf space today and may prefer the lower-profile squeeze bottles.

By transitioning from cans to plastic bottles, Hershey’s can portray its syrup as fresher, more natural, and better-suited to healthy lifestyles. However, Hershey’s has not officially stated why it seems to be using less can packaging or if it plans to discontinue the cans.

Are Hershey’s Cans Still Available?

While spotting cans of Hershey’s syrup in the wild may be getting rarer, they are still being produced in some capacity. Here are a few places the cans can still be purchased:

  • Some major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Kroger still carry canned Hershey’s syrup, though availability varies by location.
  • Online retailers like Amazon and sell cases of Hershey’s syrup cans.
  • Convenience stores and smaller grocers are more likely to still have cans in stock.
  • Hershey’s online store sells cases of canned syrup.
  • Restaurant supply stores often have the cans for commercial use.

So while the cans may be disappearing from prominence, they aren’t gone completely. Devoted syrup-in-a-can fans can still stock up through certain retailers.

Finding Hershey’s Cans Online

Here are some places to buy cases of Hershey’s chocolate syrup cans online:

Major online retailers offer the best deals when buying 6-packs or cases. For purchasing just a few cans, the Hershey’s online store may be the most convenient option.

The Future of Hershey’s Syrup

So what does the future look like for Hershey’s syrup and the iconic can?

Hershey’s seems to be clearly shifting focus to plastic bottles for their syrup packaging. Cans don’t appear prominently in advertising or on the Hershey’s website anymore. And market trends show canned foods declining across all categories.

However, Hershey’s has not made any official announcement that they plan to discontinue cans. With the cans still available through some retailers, it seems they will remain an option for the foreseeable future. Just likely a more limited one.

Here are two potential directions for Hershey’s syrup packaging:

  • Hershey’s keeps cans as a secondary option along with the more prominent plastic bottles.
  • Hershey’s slowly phases out cans due to declining demand and focuses only on bottles.

The classic Hershey’s syrup can certainly seems to be fading away. But it’s iconic status means it may never disappear completely. Collectors and loyal fans will likely keep the can alive even if Hershey’s moves on. But plastic may be the new normal for syrup packaging.

Will Hershey’s Syrup in Cans Be Discontinued?

It’s unclear if Hershey’s plans to officially discontinue canned syrup. Here are the factors that point both ways:

Evidence Cans Will be Discontinued

  • Cans are becoming very hard to find in stores
  • Hershey’s website and advertising focuses on plastic bottles
  • Market trends show shift away from canned foods
  • No information available on future can production

Evidence Cans Will Continue

  • Cans are still available for purchase online and some stores
  • No official announcement from Hershey’s on discontinuing
  • Hershey’s still sells cans on their website
  • Strong nostalgia element may sustain demand

Discontinuing such an iconic item would likely garner significant media attention. Until Hershey’s makes an official statement announcing the syrup can’s retirement, it seems likely they will remain a niche option for the foreseeable future.


Hershey’s chocolate syrup in the iconic can has been a pantry staple for nearly 100 years. But due to changes in packaging trends and consumer preferences, the can appears to be fading away from prominence.

While cans are becoming harder to find in stores, they can still be purchased online and in some grocery locations. Hershey’s has not announced any plans to discontinue the cans. But their focus now seems to be on plastic bottles as their primary syrup packaging.

The familiar Hershey’s syrup can may eventually go the way of the glass milk bottle and become a vintage nostalgia item. But it’s such an iconic piece of Hershey’s history, it’s hard to imagine it disappearing completely. Chocolate lovers who grew up with Hershey’s cans will likely keep the tradition alive even if cans are no longer mainstream.

So while the future is uncertain, chances are chocolate fans can get their syrup fix from a Hershey’s can for years to come. The iconic package may not be featured prominently on store shelves anymore, but it remains a fond memory for generations of satisfied customers.

Year Packaging Milestone
1926 Hershey’s syrup first sold in 16 oz steel cans
1950s Cans become widely available in stores
1970s Lids changed from steel to plastic
2000s Plastic squeeze bottles introduced
2010s Cans begin disappearing from many stores

This visual history shows the key events in Hershey’s syrup packaging from the original cans to the introduction of plastic bottles. While cans were dominant for most of the 20th century, bottles have taken over in the 2000s as cans became less prominent.

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