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Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken in Chicago (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken

Address: 233 E Erie St, Chicago, IL 60611, United States



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Rating: 4.7


What Time Does Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 7PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 7PM

Monday,: 6:30AM to 7PM

Tuesday,: 6:30AM to 7PM

Wednesday,: 6:30AM to 7PM

Thursday,: 6:30AM to 7PM

Friday,: 6:30AM to 7PM

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Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken Reviews

Angela Peng

I love this donut place! Their donuts are soft and fluffy and a lot bigger than any other donuts. My personal favorite is the maple bacon donut. The Boston cream is usually pretty good too but this one I got didn’t have a lot of filling as you can see in the picture. Gotta come early or the popular flavors will be gone by noon

ju bouffe

This is a tiny shop but doesn’t mean they don’t much to offer. You can get dinner and dessert all in one place. I also really liked the aesthetic of the shop and the cool neon lights inside.

We had ordered it to-go and it smelled so good that I couldn’t wait to go home to start eating! I could not decide what to order so I asked for the most popular item. I ended up getting the Original Chicken Sandwich with (extra) spice and had the choice to have it between a glazed donut or on a brioche. The brioche has a hint of sweetness and it was soft. Although it was not spicy for me since I eat a lot of spice, I still appreciated the spiciness on the sandwich. Chicken was crunchy on the outside and slightly dry on the inside but I’m going to let that slide because it’s white meat. We also ordered a CBR sandwich. I did not expect the bacon to be sweet but it was still very delicious. The fries became limp by the time we got home.

David Mesirow

This place was pretty darn good. Decent food and decent service. The only drawback is it is kind of tight quarters in there, doubled with the fact that it can get busy. But if you are a donut, breakfast sandwich or chicken sandwich aficionado, you might want to check it out anyway? I hear great things about their donuts and the prices are not too bad! It’s a unique place for sure, and has a pretty chill outdoor patio for dining to top it all off.

Caleb Varghese

I was in Chicago for the weekend and was told, “if you like Chicken and Waffles, but want something light, go to Do-Rite!”

I knew that this day in particular I was going to be eating a lot: taco festival, Al’s Beef, Chinatown, followed by some amazing hot dogs…I knew I had to pace myself!

Upon walking in around 10:30 AM on a Saturday, the shop was filled to the max; despite that it moved quick– we were in line for all of five minutes, maybe even less.

I ordered a “spicy original” on a glazed donut. It was great! The only complaint was the glazed donut made the sandwich fall apart easily, but that doesn’t bother me. The sweet nor the spicy/savory were too dominant, it was as if it perfectly complemented the other.

My Aunt got a Cinnamon Crunch Old Fashioned, and she really enjoyed it too.

Man 1000

My first time to this place was Sunday 09/25 at around 10am. I chose this place because I love donuts and it was only a 5 minute walk from my hotel downtown. Upon entering the cramped interior I was greeted by a kind woman that handled my expensive online order quickly. 1 original chicken sandwich (Bland) 1 spicy chicken sandwich with avocado (Not spicy at all, flavorless and an extra $2 for 2 Thin slivers of avocado) 1 large coffee and 5 (Mediocre) donuts for $44. Nothing was worth the money. I truly feel like do-rite, Did-Wrong. How they have 4.7 stars is beyond my understanding but I won’t be back. That’s for sure. Please don’t make the same mistake I did. Choose better.

Jennifer Eastman

My friend & I got 6 different donuts. Ranked from best to just ok: 1: cream cheese danish (would eat this one everyday for the rest of our lives) 2. Chocolate glazed (unassuming but unexpectedly amazing) 3. Tie between buttermilk old fashioned & cinnamon old fashioned. Both were delightful. 4. Original glazed, not much to write home about. 5. Pistachio lemon cake donut not great flavor at all, kinda blah
Overall we will for sure be back!

Cortney Ayers

Do-rite’s was excellent! We went for a quick donut, but ended up getting a Mr. Piggy sandwich and fries too. Everything was seriously so good. We had Boston crème and a raspberry bullseye. So good. I had a Nutella latte too, which was sweet and delicious. This location is small but has some outdoor seating on a covered patio area.

Sammie Malan

Holy Moses. I’m visiting Chicago and found out this place had gluten-free donuts.
I am amazed. Astonished. Dumbfounded. I have never had a gluten-free doughnut this good. This rivals the best donuts that aren’t gluten-free. If I could, I would order an entire box to take home. No weird texture, nothing. You would never know this is a gluten-free donut.

I could move to Chicago for this donut.

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Josh Baltazar

We ordered the Ms Piggy (breaded pork tenderloin, brioche bun, mustard and pepper relish), the fried chicken sandwich (crisp and flavorful, pickle, mayo, lettuce, bread & butter pickles), Bacon Maple Donut and then an Michigan Apple Fritter. Everything was really really good!

Elle Z

When it comes to Chicago donuts, IMHO no one compares to DoRites.

Conveniently located in Streeterville across from Northwestern Memorial ER, their donut disappointed me 2x times. Their Boston creme, the donut fab, the creme…I must have missed it. I tried it twice. Sadly, the company failed to respond to me about it.

So, it’s apple time now. Michigan Apple Fritter. (I’m tearing up from excitement writing this.) I’m not huge into sweets, but this donut sounds heavenly.

Apples, cinnamon, no nuts, and made with love, I’m sure. Sugar, definitely.

I took this bad boy home to cut it up. No way am I going to consume it all at once. If I stayed here in the outside seating and ate it, I wouldhave downed it. Then go in a get their gluten-free chocolate, their glazed, and any other that I could wolf down. Control, Elle. Control. (But, their so good)

The fritter was 123g which is 4.25 ounces…yes 1/4 of a pound. (No wonder I’m not eating it all at once.)

I input my purchase into MyFitnessPal, and I swear the app laughed at me.

The donut was listed as 500 calories and no other info listed. Ruh-roh That’s not good.

I looked on DoRites website, but no nutritional info given. I guess a donut shop (who puts a deep-fried chicken breast on a glazed donut) does not exactly boast nutritional facts, but it would be nice.

Here’s the deal. I tore a small piece off this donut. It was insane. Delecatable. It took everything in me to not continue to eat it. Instead, I cut it into small pieces and froze them for treats later.

Boring, Elle, I know. But everything in moderation.

The donut was fresh, very sweet, cinnamon-y and definitely taste the apple. The texture perfection.

Would I buy it again? Annually, yes. Next time I return I’ll probably grab a gfree or a glazed. I’d LOVE to re-buy the Boston creme IF they promise to have the creme in it. Honestly, I’m long overdue for their chicken sandwich…best in town.

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