Did Tangled have a baby?

Tangled is a 2010 animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It is loosely based on the German fairy tale Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm. Tangled tells the story of a lost young princess named Rapunzel who has magic hair that can heal and keep others young forever. For 18 years, the evil Mother Gothel has been keeping Rapunzel locked in a tower so she can hoard Rapunzel’s healing magic all to herself. When a wanted thief named Flynn Rider decides to hide in Rapunzel’s tower, it leads to Rapunzel’s escape and adventure. The film explores themes of freedom, family, identity and the balance between safety and exploration.

So did Rapunzel, the lead character in Tangled, have a baby? The short answer is no, Rapunzel does not have a baby in the movie Tangled. The film focuses on her journey out of isolation, and developing a romantic relationship with Flynn Rider, but does not include Rapunzel getting pregnant or having a child. However, Rapunzel does get married at the end of the movie, so it’s possible she could have had a baby sometime after the events shown on screen.

What is the plot of Tangled?

Here is a brief overview of the plot of Tangled:

  • A single drop of sunlight falls to Earth and grows into a magical golden flower that can heal illness and injury. An old woman named Mother Gothel discovers the flower and hoards its healing ability for hundreds of years, staying young by singing to it.
  • The pregnant queen of a nearby kingdom falls ill, and the flower is used to heal her and her unborn baby. The flower’s abilities are transferred to the baby, Princess Rapunzel, whose long golden hair retains the flower’s healing magic.
  • Mother Gothel breaks into the kingdom and kidnaps Rapunzel as an infant to raise her away from the world and use her hair to stay young. She locks Rapunzel in a remote tower.
  • On Rapunzel’s 18th birthday, a thief named Flynn Rider stumbles upon the tower while fleeing his crimes. Rapunzel convinces Flynn to be her guide to see the annual Festival of Lights in the kingdom.
  • Mother Gothel and soldiers from the kingdom give chase as Rapunzel experiences the outside world for the first time. She realizes the floating lanterns released on her birthday are a symbol from her real parents, the king and queen.
  • Eventually, Rapunzel’s hair is cut, breaking the spell, and she is reunited with her royal family. Mother Gothel rapidly ages without access to Rapunzel’s hair and falls from the tower to her death.
  • By the end, Rapunzel marries Flynn, who has given up his life of crime, and they live happily ever after.

Who are the main characters in Tangled?

Here are the main characters that appear in Tangled:

  • Rapunzel – The lost princess of the kingdom who has magical long blonde hair that glows when she sings. She is curious, intelligent, and resourceful after living isolated in a tower her whole life.
  • Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert – A wanted thief who hides in Rapunzel’s tower and ends up being Rapunzel’s guide to the outside world. He is arrogant and cynical at first but comes to genuinely care for Rapunzel.
  • Mother Gothel – The evil old woman who kidnapped Rapunzel as a baby and posed as her mother to gain access to her magical hair and remain young. She is manipulative and obsessed with her youthful appearance.
  • Maximus – A palace horse who is tasked with tracking down Flynn and develops an unlikely friendship with Pascal the chameleon.
  • Pascal – Rapunzel’s loyal chameleon friend who provides camouflage and helps Rapunzel and Flynn escape from danger.

Does Rapunzel have romantic relationships in Tangled?

Yes, Rapunzel develops a romantic relationship over the course of the movie with Flynn Rider. Their relationship starts off as reluctant allies, with Flynn agreeing to help Rapunzel leave her tower in exchange for getting his satchel back from her. As they journey together and Rapunzel experiences the outside world for the first time, they open up to each other and a deeper bond forms. Flynn eventually risks his life to save Rapunzel, showing his devotion to her. By the end of the film, Flynn’s given up his life of crime and the two are married, with the blessing of Rapunzel’s returned royal parents.

Rapunzel does not have any other romantic relationships in the movie. Mother Gothel pretends to be Rapunzel’s loving mother but in reality has kidnapped her and keeps her isolated in the tower for selfish reasons. Rapunzel maintains a close platonic friendship with her chameleon Pascal throughout her journey.

Does Rapunzel have a child in Tangled?

No, Rapunzel does not get pregnant or have a baby within the events shown in the movie Tangled. The plot focuses on Rapunzel leaving her tower for the first time at age 18 and does not involve her becoming a mother.

There are no scenes showing Rapunzel pregnant or giving birth. Mother Gothel is extremely controlling and keeps Rapunzel naive and isolated in the tower, so a pregnancy likely could not have happened under those circumstances. Additionally, Rapunzel is only away from her tower on her journey for approximately 2-3 days, not enough time to become pregnant and have a child.

Rapunzel shows no signs of being a mother or having a child. She does not mention being pregnant, having a baby, or leaving a child behind. Her primary goals are seeing the floating lanterns and adjusting to life outside her tower.

Does Rapunzel show interest in having children?

Rapunzel does not directly indicate an interest in having children within the events of the movie. However, there are some hints that she might want to be a mother someday:

  • Rapunzel readily takes on a mothering role with Pascal the chameleon, treating him as a close companion and friend.
  • When Rapunzel leaves the tower, she brings her childhood toys and activities with her, including figurines and drawings, suggesting an imagination and nurturing spirit.
  • Rapunzel asks Flynn about his childhood dreams, indicating she thinks about hopes for the future.
  • Rapunzel is overjoyed when reunited with her real parents, the king and queen, demonstrating her strong feelings about family.
  • In the short sequel Tangled Ever After, Rapunzel excitedly prepares for her wedding to Flynn, looking forward to their future life together.

So while Rapunzel does not outright state she wants kids, there are hints she would make a warm, caring mother someday and values building a family life with Flynn after their wedding.

Does Rapunzel have a child in Tangled Ever After?

No, Rapunzel does not have a child in the short sequel Tangled Ever After. The plot focuses on Rapunzel preparing for her wedding day to Flynn Rider. The events pick up where the first movie ended, with Rapunzel reuniting with her parents. The short was released in 2012 as a follow up to Tangled.

In Tangled Ever After:

  • Rapunzel and Flynn are getting ready to be married in the kingdom.
  • Pascal the chameleon and Maximus the horse are responsible for getting the wedding rings down the aisle.
  • When Pascal and Maximus lose the rings, they frantically try to get them back without ruining the ceremony.
  • In the end, Flynn and Rapunzel happily ride away in a carriage as a newlywed couple.

There are no signs Rapunzel has a child in the short film:

  • It takes place immediately after the first movie, likely only a few days later.
  • Rapunzel is still focused on her wedding to Flynn.
  • She does not look visibly pregnant.
  • No baby or child is seen or referenced.

So while Rapunzel moves closer to starting a family by marrying Flynn, she does not actually have a child within the events of the Tangled short film.

Does Rapunzel have a child in the Tangled TV series?

No, Rapunzel does not have a baby during the animated TV series Tangled: The Series, later re-titled Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure. The show aired from 2017 to 2020 on Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

In the series, Rapunzel and Flynn are married and living in the kingdom along with Rapunzel’s parents, the king and queen. Rapunzel adjusts to life as a princess and has adventures with her friends Cassandra, Pascal, Maximus, and later Eugene. However, she does not get pregnant or have a child.

Reasons why Rapunzel does not have a baby in the Tangled TV series:

  • Rapunzel is still getting accustomed to royal life and having new experiences, which makes pregnancy unlikely.
  • She goes on many physical adventures, including near-death situations, which would be dangerous for a pregnancy.
  • Rapunzel shows no visible signs of pregnancy over the course of the show.
  • No baby or child belonging to Rapunzel appears or is talked about.
  • The focus is on Rapunzel bonding with her parents, not starting her own family yet.

So although Rapunzel is married, she remains child-free throughout the animated series as she continues having lighthearted adventures with Eugene and her friends. Motherhood is not part of Rapunzel’s story in the Tangled TV show.

Does Rapunzel have a child in any other Tangled media?

As of November 2023, Rapunzel has not had a child in any other official Tangled sequels, spinoffs, or tie-in materials. This includes:

  • Tangled: Before Ever After (2017) – Disney Channel television film set between Tangled and the TV series
  • Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure (2017-2020) – Disney Channel/Disney Junior TV series
  • Tangled: The Video Game (2010) – Video game loosely following the movie’s plot
  • Tangled Story Theater (2011) – Live show at Disney Cruise Line and theme parks
  • Tangled: The Musical (2015-present) – Broadway style stage musical adaptation
  • Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure (2020-present) – Theme park attraction at Disneyland
  • Various books and comics expanding on the Tangled story and characters

In all of these additional materials, Rapunzel remains childless as she continues having adventures and adjusting to life outside her tower. Her story remains focused on self-discovery, friendship, romance with Eugene, and bond with her parents – not motherhood.

Will Rapunzel have a baby in a future Tangled story?

Rapunzel does not currently have a child in any existing Tangled media, but it remains a possibility for her character’s future within the Disney Princess franchise.

Reasons Rapunzel could potentially have a baby in a future Tangled storyline:

  • In the original fairy tale, Rapunzel and the prince have twins together after getting married.
  • Having a child is a common progression for Disney Princess romantic relationships after marriage.
  • Motherhood would represent a new character growth and maturation for Rapunzel.
  • A pregnancy plotline or baby character would appeal to young female audiences.

However, there are also reasons why Disney may choose not to give Rapunzel a child:

  • Rapunzel’s adventurous spirit may not fit the settling down theme of having a baby.
  • Tangled focuses on found family with Rapunzel’s bond to her parents.
  • Rapunzel having a child could make it difficult for her to go on more mystical quests.
  • The Tangled franchise has performed well without a pregnancy plotline so far.

Ultimately, whether Rapunzel has a baby in a future Tangled story depends on the creative direction Disney decides to take the characters. For now, Rapunzel remains childfree as she continues her journey as Disney’s spirited lost princess.


In summary, Rapunzel does not have a child within any current Tangled media, including the 2010 film, its shorts and TV spinoffs, or any other sequels and tie-ins. The plot focuses on her budding romance with Flynn Rider and adjustment to life outside her tower after 18 years of isolation. However, motherhood remains a possibility for Rapunzel’s future as new stories expand her life as a Disney Princess. Having a baby could represent character growth and appeal to Tangled’s young audience. But Rapunzel’s adventurous spirit may also lead Disney to keep her childfree in future installments. Either way, the question of whether Rapunzel will have a baby one day provides interesting speculation for fans eagerly following the lost princess on her journey.

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