Detour Doughnuts and Coffee in Frisco (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Detour Doughnuts and Coffee

Address: 8161 FM 423, Frisco, TX 75036

Phone: (469) 535-3585

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.7


What Time Does Detour Doughnuts and Coffee Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 2PM

Sunday,: 8AM to 2PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: 8AM to 2PM

Thursday,: 8AM to 2PM

Friday,: 8AM to 2PM

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Detour Doughnuts and Coffee Reviews

Hotwheelz Suz

Super friendly and amazing donuts! I got two small pigs in a blanket (kolaches) and they were so good. Great meat to bread ratio. I also got a Pride donut and it was awesome. I can’t wait to come back and try more donut flavors – they have so many!! I’d seen this place before but went after some great reviews in my LWCC group.

Jennifer Liou

Detour has been on my list of donut places to visit for years now, and I finally made the drive up! Tried the mini crème brûlée and dirty chai doughnuts. So glad they had the mini size because one single full-size donut is really big! Love the filling for both! Worth the hype, will make the drive back to try other flavors!

Nick Harlow

donuts were fairly good, I like the unique flavors; but they were dry and lacking salt and flavor. workers were nice and helpful, and their branding is super cool. overall, not impressed by the poor value the donuts deliver. won’t be visiting again.

also my review was previously deleted so this is my second time

Walt Person

Decided after being tempted all week to get donuts, I finally caved today! I tried the Berry and Everything donut. Had them both last month and they were good so I grabbed them and headed home to devour them! They were GREAT! Mmmmm

Antonio Kline

My dental hygienist shared this one with me. They said these were best donuts around! Could be just a bad month for me, but they didn’t have any that WOW’d me. The person in front of me insisted the Crème brûlée was awesome. I got one and I wasn’t impressed by it. Tasted burnt on top but maybe that’s the way it supposed to taste?? Doubt that or at least I hope that wasn’t the taste they were going for at least. Next was the blueberry & goat cheese. That was my favorite out of the 4 I did get. Very nice smooth taste!! ❤️ The powered raspberry was good I was told, the Hibiscus was….. well it wasn’t bad but not something I would get again because I like to try different things, UNLESS it is so great and dependable. Overall nice place and it seemed busy for sure. I will go back FOR SURE, being that they switch out donuts every month there may be something more along my speed. There was also a Neapolitan donut. It looked good and I probably would have liked that one better than one of the others. Anyway, worth a trip there to try and the other donuts they have all the time looked great, I just want to try the special ones. The red velvet looked good and so did a few of the others. So no worries plenty of donut options and some unique ones too. Next time I may try one of there drinks / teas.

Lindsey Jorden

There are doughnut shops everywhere in North Texas and Detour is by far the best out here! The creativity, the artistry of these doughnuts- a true party in your mouth. Not only is every bite worth savoring, they are beautiful! Annnd the staff is top- notch! A big shoutout to Reese, Brya, and Sarah and the beautiful artist and owner- you all are amazing humans, have such kind personalities and make us want to come back over and over.

Steven Tucker

Drove over an hour for these bad boys and do not regret. Never had a bad donut here and we love the changing flavors every month. Anything blueberry is my jam. Cool place to sit and eat too, everyone’s real helpful and nice. 12/10 do recommend.

Madeline Belmore

*just note that the website indicating which donuts are available/seasonal is not up to date. So call or just go in— They have a great selection!

These donuts were excellent! We got the s’mores, powdered raspberry filled, apple fritter, and chocolate sprinkled donut. The chocolate is apparently made and tempered in house and was definitely one of the best I’ve had— tasted like real chocolate and not artificial. Similarly, the raspberry filling and marshmallow cream in the filled donuts was so delicious and tasted like they were made in with natural and quality ingredients (I think also made in house). Obviously sweet, but not overwhelmingly or cloyingly sweet like some fillings. So so good! Definitely some of the best donuts I’ve had in Dallas. It’s a cute and trendy place, but donuts were high quality!

R Nichole

Best donuts I’ve ever had! The staff was also super friendly and patient! If you are in the area do NOT miss out on this place.

We’ll be coming all the way from Fort Worth to get these donuts again. They are worth the drive!

Dallas Wonder

Nice selection of specialty doughnuts and fantastic customer service. Prices were about as high as you could get a doughnut but thats to be expected considering the area. The place is very small so if it’s more than just two people I would say go for pick up and eat elsewhere. Not a huge selection of coffee but what they do have is good. I will return and try some more options soon. For reference I paid 12 bucks for one specialty coffee and one filled doughnut including the tip.

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