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Decadent Colorado Springs

Address: 13375 Voyager Pkwy #110, Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Phone: (719) 800-2233

Price: $$

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Rating: 4.7


What Time Does Decadent Colorado Springs Open?

Saturday,: 10AM to 8PM

Sunday,: 10AM to 5PM

Monday,: 10AM to 5PM

Tuesday,: 10AM to 5PM

Wednesday,: 10AM to 5PM

Thursday,: 10AM to 5PM

Friday,: 10AM to 8PM

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Decadent Colorado Springs Reviews

Oi Lee

There are a lot of really yummy desserts. I tried the brockie skillet so far, but that was a bit too sweet for me. I order a lot to go. Savannah was really nice and answering all my questions about how to store it in the fridge etc. Will update after I try the other desserts ☺️
Update (after I tried all the desserts):
So everything was good but some items were just off the chart sweet for me so I don’t be ordering them again. The red velvet frosting was way too thick so it made the dessert too sweet. I had to remove the frosting to eat it. The lemon mascarpone cake was tarty and I liked that one the most. I do like their donut hole skillet as well (again it had to do with the sweet factor )

Samantha Wilson

Brought my daughter here for her birthday and we all loved how many options there were. Carrot cake – delicious, all of the skillets – delicious. Highly recommend.

Madison Reynolds

This place is amazing! The workers are great and super friendly! Their desserts taste wonderful! I got half a dozen chocolate cupcakes for my daughters first birthday that passed away and before I called Decadent I called 5 other bakeries that wouldn’t do same day pick up. They were so happy to make this order for me and I was so grateful! Patrick was amazing for making my cupcakes for me and directly handing them off to me himself. He was so genuine in trying to make sure I could celebrate my little Angel baby’s birthday. So appreciative of this bakery!

Alisha Riley

Absolutely wonderful! We just moved to Peyton CO and this was one of the first places I happened upon as I was searching for a place to work until we got our internet going at home. They have been the perfect place for a fantastic cup of coffee, and a great atmosphere for business meetings, meet-ups, or sitting to do some work or study as I have. All of their food has been delicious and the workers are all personable. In two weeks, I’ve already been here three times and it has been consistently top notch. This may be our new go to spot; I have yet to find anywhere else like it in the area!

Chris C

Very disappointed in today’s visit. Ordered a piece of cake and watched them pull it out of the refrigerator. One person said it was a piece left over from the night before while another told me it was fresh. I asked for a fresh piece out of the case, and they refused and told me it was fresh. Looks like someone took a bite out of it and powdered sugar had absorbed into the cake. Clearly not fresh. You would think at the price, they would be happy to honor my request.

jody Gartzke

This is my go to place for celebrating any occasion. I do love that you can call ahead and they are happy to save you a slice of your favorite dessert so I never have to worry about them selling out of it before I get there.

The brownie is so big it certainly is shareable, however I never do!

Staff has always been friendly, the store is always immaculately clean, and serving size is generous. Even my family who lives out of state ask to go every time they visit!

Cecelia Amos

I have visited this place six times and I would officially grade this as 4.5 because most of the items are made in house but there are some that are not. It is still worth checking out. There are 12 flavors of hot tea available, how many places can boast that. The atmosphere is modern and clean but genuinely comfortable, it’s worth eating there. The staff are friendly and know their menu. The pricing is reasonable for food made from scratch. The food overall is quite good and flavorful. I would recommend the ham and cheese croissant, dill pickle on the side is homemade (good snap and saltiness) and it’s ham steak, not deli ham. I would not recommend the bacon, egg and cheese croissant as the egg lacks flavoring and was still wet. The lemon berry mascarpone cake is lovely and light. Extreme caution for any of the cookie and brownie skillets!! They have an excellent thickness, are cooked all the way, and the flavor is a deep dive into richness. HOWEVER, I was woefully unprepared for the nausea that accompanied this feast during and after. Only get it if there are at least more than 2 people who will share it!

Charli O’Malley

I’ve been here a couple times and the staff has always been super friendly. They have a great variety of desserts and the portion sizes are pretty big. A lot of the desserts are just way too sweet in my opinion. The carrot cake was my favorite dessert that I tried. The coffee is just ok. It is a cute little spot to stop by but I just don’t think the desserts here really stand out.

Rebekah Lindsey

Couldn’t even order a cake. Called and they said they were too busy closing to take my order and would call me in the next morning. No thanks. We just purchased another cake from them which was good quality cake. But very boring and small for $50. The value is just not there. I can go to the organic grocery store and get a cake off the shelf that tastes just as good for half the price.

**Edited to add** My feedback is very fair. I ordered a cake yesterday and it was not that good. I called 30 minutes before you closed. Staffing of your business is not a customer issue, it is a management issue. The refusal of business is not a customer issue, it is a management issue. Just saying. You can hear the feedback or not, up to you.

Bless you too and have a nice day.

naudiyah bell

First time in and I have a weakness for chocolate so decided to try them out….that being said when we walked in the young lady behind the counter looked almost disappointed that she got customers. She never said a word to us until we literally got to register to order. No hello. No welcome in no explanation of the menu or nothing telling us to scan for the full menu. She was very unwelcoming and seemed like she wasn’t enjoying her job. I ordered a chocolate cupcake and a brownie to go. I also ordered a carrot cake cupcake which was good but kind of gooey probably from all the frosting. Also ordered the cheesecake of the day almond joy I think didn’t taste any coconut other than the flakes on top. It’s was okay. Smoothie was great. I would try again but I’m disappointed in the customer service

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