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Daylight Donuts in Chesterfield (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Daylight Donuts

Address: 155 Hilltown Village Center, Chesterfield, MO 63017

Phone: (636) 489-3732


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.4


What Time Does Daylight Donuts Open?

Saturday,: 6AM to 9PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 10PM

Monday,: 6AM to 12PM

Tuesday,: 6AM to 12PM

Wednesday,: 6AM to 12PM

Thursday,: 6AM to 7PM

Friday,: 6AM to 9PM

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Daylight Donuts Reviews

Mary aM

Fresh and delicious donuts. A friendly and knowledgeable drive through attendant helped me make my picks as I had never been there before and the whole family enjoyed the selection! Those are some large donuts though. Will return again.

Serge Suprun

After we tried many donut places in St. Louis, daylight donuts is by far the best. Many choices of donuts, kolaches, other pastries and drinks. And don’t forget daylight donuts after dark

Jack of All Trades

Wow what a great experience. Very yummy donuts and gentlemen at counter was very friendly. I will definitely recommend to try other than Dunkin’ Donuts

Jeffrey Lowe

Staff was very friendly and they had a ton of varieties to choose from. All of my donuts were delicious and fresh. I was really happy to see a full case with specials and fritters left around 9am. I loved the Chocolate Old Fashions and Blueberry Fritter – you should make those permanent!

Barry G

Sampled the Daylight after dark booze shakes and custard. Everything was very yummy. They even have Dole whip. The donuts are also delicious. Nice patio for sitting outside. They serve alcohol in donuts, shakes or you could buy beers.

Angie m Eatonu6 qt b

Would give zero stars if I could. I never leave reviews but after this experience I felt it to be very necessary. I was looking for a nut free facility to buy donuts for a kids birthday party. One of the kids attending the party has a nut allergy. The woman who works there was extremely rude on the phone. She was very short with me acting as if my questions were a bother to her. She was rude and hung up on my mother when she called in to place the order. When my mom got there to pick up the donuts she made my mom sit there for 10mins while the donut shop was empty and she carried on acting busy. Finally a younger girl came up and asked if my mother if she needed help. All she needed to do was hand my mom the box of donuts that had already been paid for. Although I was excited to find a donut shop that was completely nut free we will not be returning. It was a horrible experience. Completely rude staff.

JD Dehne

First- the girl working the register was super sweet. But my first time there, didn’t know what to get, so I asked for their 12 mini donuts. They were confused even though it’s on the menu. They said I could have do it holes- which were a separate item on the menu. Took 5 minutes to figure out they don’t do mini donuts until “later in the day.” Guess 7am on a Saturday isn’t peak donut time. So I just got a half dozen assorted. Box was dirty when they gave it to me.
Doubt I’ll try again.

Jenny Lee

I’ve been going here since they’ve opened because well, they are the only donut place within my 5 miles radius. Their donuts are good, nice and airy, but not the best. They have ice cream and that’s good but pricey. 2 cones are $6!!! I usually just order things without calculating prices but that’s the only thing I ordered that day and was shocked.

Aria A

Sooooo good! I’ve never had a bad experience. It’s my favorite donut place for breakfast or a late night snack! The donuts are always fresh and soooo delicious. They also have amazing lattes and cappuccinos!

B Jean

I have been striking out at this place so much! The last two times We came here they only had mini donuts. I tried going on Monday but they changed their hours without posting them on Facebook. I do honestly prefer the flavor of these to ducks but there’s no consistency in service. When we go there we always have to ask ,”okay what do you have” because they NEVER have all their listed menu items when we go. It’s unfortunate because we were so excited when they came to town.

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