COBS Bread Bakery in Whitby (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

COBS Bread Bakery

Address: 30 Broadleaf Ave Unit 10, Whitby, ON L1R 3N8, Canada

Phone: +1 905-425-7788

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.5


What Time Does COBS Bread Bakery Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 6PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 6PM

Monday,: 8AM to 5PM

Tuesday,: 7AM to 7PM

Wednesday,: 7AM to 7PM

Thursday,: 7AM to 7PM

Friday,: 7AM to 7PM

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COBS Bread Bakery Reviews

Jeremiah Dias

Such an amazing bakery. This is my first time trying COBS bakery and the experience was amazing. Surprisingly it was not a long wait to get our stuff. The workers over there were so nice and accommodating. They offered us a free sample of the pumpkin scone with the icing and it was delicious. It just melted in the mouth.

We ordered 2 chocolate croissants, a pumpkin scone and a ham and cheese croissant. The chocolate croissant is sooo good and one of the best that I have tried. The ham and cheese croissant is to die for and is a must try for everyone visiting COBS. Lastly, the pumpkin scone sample was really good that I had to get the full one.

Overall, I would highly recommend this place to everyone. They make fresh bread too which I hear is amazing. The cost is so worth the price because it is quality products. I will definitely be coming back again.

Noel McCallister

Great place, fresh bread and delicious scones. On the rare occasion we don’t finish our loaf, the loaves may go moldy in just over a weeks time, a clear sign there’s no preservatives in any of their fresh baked products. To mitigate this issue they sell farmers loaves which are half the size, which we buy if we don’t feel we will eat a lot of bread that week. Their bread and sweets are delicious, it’s definitely worth paying extra for. Just make sure you eat the bread fast or buy a farmers loaf, fresh preservative free bread needs to be eaten quickly.


I frequent Cob’s bakery all the time. My visit on Friday I bought buns, 6 Danish and a large pull apart custard blueberry Danish.
Everything was very fresh and tasty, however, the pull apart Danish is something I won’t purchase again. It looks fantastic, however, it was like eating a piece of bread. I found no custard and only a small spreading of blueberry.
My husband also took a piece and without me saying anything said I thought it would taste as good as it looks, this is nothing special.
Next time I’ll stick with the individual Danish.

Alanna M

I absolutely love all the sweet and savoury options at COBS Bread Bakery. Highly recommend their olive bread (ask for it to be thick sliced), their ready made pizza dough, veggie pizza squares, seasonal pumpkin scones, blueberry scones and their apple delight!!!My only complaints are that there is always a line up when I go and the store is extremely small. They only allow two customers in at a time.

Shannon D’Cunha

Great baked goods and super service. We have a standing order for a challah every Friday and it’s always ready with a smile. Even better, the whole bakery is nut free. We love Cobs!

John Cowan

Sending out a huge thanks to this business for helping us with our Community BBQ today. The buns for the burgers and hot dogs were first class and the best I have ever tasted. ! Fresh fresh fresh !

Tina Drew

Sheri and her team were wonderful and a pleasure to speak with. The quality of the hamburger and hot dog buns were amazing, not too doughy and soooooo fresh! Thank- you Sheri and Team!! I’ll be back for sure!


Store space is very tight. You can’t see what you want to order because there are customers at the glass display case waiting to pay. Also why don’t they have whole wheat herb and garlic hamburger buns? And if you want pizza, they cannot heat up the pizzas for you so you gotta eat them cold.

Edit: Wow. “Real estate and recipes”? Thanks for the passive-aggressive snarky reply. Hopefully people will see how defensive you became and decide to never give you their patronage.


my boyfriend and i went in and got a lemon blueberry scone & a chocolate raspberry crossaint. both were amazing!! staff was super nice! definitely coming back 🙂

Prasath Selvarajah

Good for takeout items. They can’t warm up anything and generally croissants colder than room temperature for sure. Unless you like cold croissants, you can’t eat right away. Even with that said, I would still give this place a 5 star rating. Their ham and cheese croissants and cinnamon buns are perfect if you warm them up slightly at home. Drop by and grab a few items for the week to have in the morning daily.

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