COBS Bread Bakery in Richmond (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

COBS Bread Bakery

Address: 8180 No 2 Rd #180, Richmond, BC V7C 5K1, Canada

Phone: +1 604-370-8712

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4


What Time Does COBS Bread Bakery Open?

Saturday,: 7AM to 7PM

Sunday,: 7AM to 7PM

Monday,: 7AM to 7PM

Tuesday,: 7AM to 7PM

Wednesday,: 7AM to 7PM

Thursday,: 7AM to 7PM

Friday,: 7AM to 7PM

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COBS Bread Bakery Reviews

Swapnil Kambli

We happened to be in Richmond and took a pit stop here!

Absolutely amazing people managing the service.

The lady educated me on the various types of breads available – that have high fibre, high protein etc & helped me make the choice!


I always shop there for my bread and other goodies! The sourdough loaf they bake is delicious.. Their gourmet burger buns! Thank you Cobbs for not jacking up prices during these inflationary times! Staff always positive, good mood and willing to help! Highly recommended … My last visit to the store was 9/10 and the lady there offered me a free treat.

Enid Lau

I used to go the COBS in Richmond centre but because of the construction the only one is Blundell. The gourmet hamburger buns used to be good but now it’s always burnt on top. The hot dog ones are even worse. It’s not super black burnt but enough that you taste the “burntness”.

emmy ji

Today I want redeem it .I was been told reward card only can be redeemed before August 30th.
I clearly remembered last time the staff told me they gonna use app to collect stamp,BUT I still can use the reward card.
If I know it will expired ,I will use it right away!!!
That’s fine!!! I just buy it . After I paid ,I ask how to use the app collect reward. (Actually I have downloaded the app since last time I got the info from the staff)
She said oh you can’t. You can use app next time. (She even didn’t asked I have the app or not.)
Usually the staff is very friendly .
So disappointed this time.

sheng o

I have been buying bread at COBS Bread Bakery in Blundell Centre. All COBS Bread Bakery provides a point card. When we old customers buy a large Loaf bread, the store staff will put a point card on it. Small seal. It is a heartwarming feedback to customers. I used to redeem my point card with full marks in the store. It was very smooth and pleasant. There has never been a store staff who would ask me to buy a piece of bread before I can get a reward. On August 15th, I brought a point card with full points that can be exchanged for bread, and went to the store to get rewards. At that time, I was received by an Asian female store staff who was about 45-55 years old. I handed over the point card and told her very clearly that we can redeem my point card . After reading the card, she said that I needed to buy another bread before I could get the reward of the full marks I had accumulated before today. Why do I feel wrong. I picked up the point card and looked at the front and back carefully. It is not mentioned that after the point card is full, you need to buy another bread before redeeming the reward. At this time, the store staff attitude of the made me very puzzled. She insisted that I must follow her instructions to buy the reward bread. I solemnly pointed out that her guidelines were wrong. At my insistence, she held a charity attitude and very reluctantly gave me a reward that I should have been happy with.
The small bread is not worth a few bucks, but when the customer goes in exchange for the small reward that can only be obtained after buying 14 breads. I very much hope that the store staff can make customers feel a kind of heartwarming feedback. Rather than convey to the guests a feeling of taking advantage of the door. If so, even if your bread is Very good quality. The feelings of the guests are also bad.
I very much hope that COBS Bread Bakery can become a bakery that is loved by the neighborhood. I also hope that the training of store staff will make them more aware of the culture of COBS Bread Bakery.

Kelvin Fong

Horrible service. I’m buying a few items and the girl asks me if I have the app. She suggests I download it to get points. I started downloading the app and she asks me to do it outside because there’s a line. This line ignores the covid social distance rules and comes right inside and she says nothing to these people.

jj lad

Hey COBS, miss me yet? Haven’t stepped into you shop since you abandoned your old and trusty loyalty card for the new-age app.

Found me a great bakery with excellent products that doesn’t require me to buy a smart-phone and share my personal data to buy bread.

So, good luck and I hope things work out for you.

Gabriel collaco

Went today and bought a blueberry scone. Very delicious. Service was great. Cute and friendly cashier with a great smile. Couldn’t see it because of the mask but could feel the genuine kindness. Will be back if I’m in the area again


Friendly service the last few times I have visited. Bread and treats are satisfactory but some are too sweet.
I find it odd how the loaves of bread breaks apart like a spiral cinnamon bun and the crumb is circular in the middle.

T. Peterson

Both the sweet and savoury breads we chose were good. Not great, but tasty enough. For me the issue is the service – while it’s typical of the area, getting zero greeting or eye contact while I watch my (white) wife get the polar opposite has grown quite tiresome, even in Richmond. Hoped this place would be different. Happy to drive a little farther for other delicious options that come with acknowledgment and basic service regardless of a customer’s hair texture or melanin level.

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