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Cleveland Vegan

Address: 17112 Detroit Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107

Phone: (216) 221-0201

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.7


What Time Does Cleveland Vegan Open?

Sunday,: 9AM to 3PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: 9AM to 9PM

Wednesday,: 9AM to 9PM

Thursday,: 9AM to 9PM

Friday,: 9AM to 9PM

Saturday,: 9AM to 9PM

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Cleveland Vegan Reviews

alyssa bailes

okay so i am not usually a “food person” but the strawberry lemon basil was literally god-like, they were the best pancakes i have ever had in my entire life, and the strawberry flavor was to die for. genuinely my favorite food now. also my sister got the breakfast burrito and i had a couple bites and it was so good. i think this restaurant has the best food i have ever tasted. plus the employees were incredibly nice. i love this place

Christopher Hoffman

Cleveland Vegan is one of those places you can always depend on for quality. This is why we went with them for our wedding cake and desserts. They did such a terrific job! They were professional and easy to work with every step of the way. The craziest thing I will never forget, is that we purposely ordered MORE pieces of dessert for everyone than we needed. We overshot the total amount by a long shot. When we were packing up at the end of the night we had ONE donut and FOUR cupcakes left. NO CAKE was left. I’m not kidding when I say our guests destroyed it. We heard stories the next day of people plotting for how to get that specific flavor they wanted at the wedding. People were talking about them and how good it was. We had one piece of our cake (from our cake cutting) and that was it. You think we’d be upset but we are just so impressed and happy everyone loved it so much. Our goal was to have food that people left with a better appreciation for Veganism. Cleveland Vegan helped us achieve that. I would highly recommend them for your next event.

Cameron Dunlap

Best vegan food in Cleveland. We tried a few places and this had to be my favorite. The tiramisu pancakes were amazing. Total dessert for breakfast vibes. For 2 people we did spend around $50 which I’d say is a lot for breakfast and coffee but otherwise worth the price. We enjoyed everything we tried.

Lyle in progress

I’m a recently converted Vegan, so I’ve never really been to a “Vegan restaurant” and I’d 100% recommend this place to anyone as an amazing restaurant with ridiculous delicious food that just so happens to be Vegan.

My friend happens to be allergic to cashews and the waitress was so nice and took time to explain to us that the menu is coded to identify nut free items as well as gluten for those sensitive. Her allergen was taken seriously (it even appeared on the receipt so it was totally rung up for the kitchen to see as well!). Was awesome knowing that we didn’t have to worry or second guess about the food we ate.

We got the bbq tofu wings to start and they were so Juicy and tangy and flavorful. My friend, who is NOT a vegan wouldn’t stop raving about them. I got the bahn mi, and the vegan mac and both were delicious, filling, and satisfying. My friend got the “chicken” sandwich and she said it was great. The highlight of the visit though was the mushroom “bacon” we got as a side item because neither of us had tried such a thing and it was ridiculous. I ended up dumping some into my mac- definitely do that! So good.

All in all, a great experience. Would recommend eating outside if it’s nice out. The area is eclectic and busy and the people watching is great!

Nicole Deter

I wish I lived in Cleveland – just so I could eat here! I’ve been here several times and everything I’ve eaten was AMAZING!!! My favorite dish is the biscuits and gravy but everything I’ve tried I have enjoyed. It’s easy to find a salad, smoothie or fruit bowl but the food at Cleveland Vegan is the food I really enjoy and crave. French toast minus cruelty AND it tastes amazing, this is how plant based food is done. This is probably the best vegan restaurant and food I’ve had in 3 years. Fantastic cupcake/dessert assortment too. I would eat here weekly if I lived closer.

Marcus Flores

I got the quesadilla here for breakfast and it was delicious! I ordered it to go and intended to eat it once I got back to my hotel, but after taking this pic and trying 1 bite, I couldn’t help but devouring it. One of the best parts was the cheese – super melty, which isn’t always the case with vegan cheese. The flavor was excellent all around, and it paired nicely with their cold brew. Will definitely plan to try more of their menu the next time I’m in town.

Quincy Vagell

I really wanted to love Cleveland Vegan, but instead, I was rather disappointed. Very slow, indifferent service, mediocre food and steep prices given the quality. Maybe it was a fluke, based on the reviews? I just felt sad that I drove all the way across town for a sub-par experience.

I ordered takeout and showed up on time. A lady at the desk said my food wasn’t ready yet and walked away. It would have been helpful if she told me it would be another 20-25 minutes. Yup. I waited for more than 20 minutes before a different woman finally came out with my food and apologized. The first woman never apologized or communicated how long the wait would be. Considering it was a Wednesday night, the place wasn’t busy and they had at least four people in the kitchen, I’m not sure what took so long.

I started with the tofu wings. These were cold (probably because they were sitting out, waiting for my other dish) and very uninspired. Seriously. Cold, limp tofu with buffalo sauce. They weren’t crispy and I wonder if they were cooked at all? They were edible, once I doused them in ranch.

My entree was the fried chicken sandwich, which was listed as a popular item. It barely had any chipotle mayo and was very dry. I poured some of the leftover ranch on it. The slaw was crunchy, flavorless cabbage and onions, not exactly what I was expecting. There were a few limp pickle slices on the side, but not like the picture on the menu.

I paid $27 for a lifeless, unfulfilling dinner. To top it off, the receipt asked if I wanted to leave an additional (second) tip. Considering I already tipped, before I knew how my experience would be, there was no way I was going to tip again…

I’d like to maybe try coming here again, they seemed to have a lot of good looking desserts, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to stop by a second time.

Honestly, I feel bad for writing this review. 3-stars is probably being generous, but hey, at least everything was vegan.

Elmira Dewes

Place was good. I can’t say 100% food was great. It was okay. But also I am a very good cook that is why I am fastidious. I like full of flavor food. But, service was great.

Robert Lawton

It’s a nice place with a good atmosphere and location. We were there for lunch on a Saturday and it was very busy. 45 minute wait for a table so we got it to go. Ordered a bacon egg and cheese sandwich and a beet burger with a cupcake and a lemon bar. The BEC was good, not great. Standard fare. The tempeh bacon was a little dry (as tempeh usually is) and needed some more kick. Maybe some more smoky flavor. The beet burger was the first time I’ve tried one. I love the Beyond and Impossible, but they are everywhere now. I thought it was cool they still had something different. The issue is that it pretty much was just grilled beets. I liked it, didn’t love it. It’s strange because the best bites were the last ones when the burger, guac, sauce and cheese had all merged into a mash. The desserts seemed to have been what they are at most vegan places, a day past their prime and a little dry. The frosting on the cupcake was delicious.

I’d definitely like to try the place again. Everyone has off days, and maybe that’s what we got. It certainly seems popular enough and it has some good choices.

Fist to 5 (fist is 0) I’d give it a 3 with the potential that eating in, just delivered to the table could earn it another point.

Oh, and we tacked on a knit hat on a whim, which basically doubled our total. $25 for a basic hat needs a sign up as a warning. Not cool.

Michaela Bolinger

Everything was absolutely amazing!! Thankful I got pictures before devouring all this heaven Not only was it all delicious, but all the workers were super cool & friendly, the vibe was chill & relaxed, definitely a new favorite P.S. Highly recommend the strawberry banana smoothie, ridiculouslyyyy good

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