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Address: 900 South St, Lincoln, NE 68502, United States

Phone: +1 402-475-4680


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Rating: 3.6


What Time Does Casey’s Open?

Saturday,: 4AM to 12AM

Sunday,: 4AM to 12AM

Monday,: 4AM to 12AM

Tuesday,: 4AM to 12AM

Wednesday,: 4AM to 12AM

Thursday,: 4AM to 12AM

Friday,: 4AM to 12AM

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Frank Muriello

The cashier by the name of Katherine did a great job working two registers and being amazingly pleasant… best customer service ever. Give her a raise!

Rock DeGarmo

Called to order breakfast pizza shortly after they opened. The lady who answered the phone was really rude. I don’t want to order pizza there any more I’d that’s how they treat their customers who call to order

Brandie Luce

Every single morning I go in there and there is no breakfast food or super old food. Casey’s is known for their Pizza especially breakfast pizza. Get better staff.

Michelle Marx

We ordered 2 pizzas, bread, and potato bites. The food was hot when we got it home. Everything was really good. The staff was super friendly. They were super busy judging by the ringing phone and hour wait time so kudos for excellent service!! Highly recommend!! Thanks.

Stephen Sael

Too bad zero stars is not an option. Ordered breakfast pizza online before coming in. Stood at the counter, waiting for the gentleman working there to finish what he was doing before I asked for our pizzas. He left for about five minutes before he returned. Neither time did he acknowledge me. When I asked whether they had pizza under the name we had ordered them from, he walked over with them and shoved both of them at me without saying anything and turned around and walked away.

When I went to the main counter asking who the general manager was – I was told that I was speaking to the general manager, telling him what had happened. At first, he just inquired what my “problem” was. Upon explaining, he just said that he would talk to the gentleman. However, through his response, I am quite confident that this is not the first time that he had had to address this, was not very concerned, and clearly didn’t think that it was an issue that customers are having difficulty receiving items that they have already paid for.

I will not be returning to this case. Paying money for items and expecting to receive them without begging for them is clearly not high on the list of priorities for this Caseys.

A. Mo

The staff are pretty friendly. They typically are always out of stock on something-Their coffee, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, and sugar which is really irritating, especially in the morning. They stock things at inconvenient times and so there are boxes in the aisle in an already narrow walk way and even when they get a truck, they still are not fully stocked to include food or drinks in the cooler. Their Dr. Pepper fountain pop is out or not working 3/4 of the time. The lady with the cane is SUPER friendly and more than willing to go the extra mile for you-she deserves a raise. Never have your pizza you ordered ready on time. Just need to quit giving this Casey’s a chance because it is convenient. The staff in the evening are slow to assist you when waiting to ask for your order. Stood 10 minutes before anyone said anything to me. Delivery guy looked at me and completely ignored me and left to deliver pizzas. Over this Casey’s. Give me corporates number already.

joel fritz

Last visit here ended without picking up our order and canceling it. We ordered online and had a scheduled pickup time for 915, I arrived at 5 after 9 and just asked if it happened to be ready early and was told it would be about 15 min which was fine so I waited until about 925 and went back and again was told it would be about 15 min, this time I waited in the store. While I was waiting I watched they guy making the pizzas throw away at least 3 out of the oven due to quality issues, I figured at this point I should just cancel and leave. It was a bit disappointing since I waited about an hour and it kind of ruined our late diner plans. Staff seemed overwhelmed.

Brandi Zwiener

I really do not understand how this Casey’s is run. This place is close to where I work, and sometimes I stop in on my lunch break. You’d think that around the lunch time hour there would be hot food in the warmers, maybe someone working to prepare more pizzas, or even just behind the counter in case someone wanted a sub sandwich. There was nothing of the sort at this location.

There was only one cashier working, the other register was closed, but there were two other employees in the candy aisle putting stock away. There were boxes in almost all the major walkways in the store, which hey, that’s great that they’re putting away more product. But why would you restock the store during what is usually one of the busiest times of day? To make matters worse, these two employees seemed to be more interested in chatting with each other than really working. Maybe they weren’t trained to work behind the sub counter, or to get hot food and pizza prepared, which is a reflection on the management that some changes need to be made. Two people I feel didn’t need to restock shelves when you’ve got customers waiting.

A family member has stopped in here in the morning before work, and they were completely out of coffee. Why would a manager or employee be okay with not keeping hot coffee prepared? I feel that’s a staple that shouldn’t run out, especially more so in the cold months and folks wanting a warm cup before work. I really hope this Casey’s can get turned around and match the others in Lincoln that know how to run their store and keep things prepped and stocked.

B Vega

Ordered pizza online paid online get to the store to pick up order I’m told my order got lost. Have to wait another 20 or 30 mins. This is the 3rd time this year they have not had my order ready anywhere close to the time specified. Find another caseys to order food from.

Jacob Kramer

The WORST Casey’s hands down. I went in at 9 pm they had NO pizza, sandwiches, etc. They also had NOTHING in the coolers or shelves stocked. I asked the cashier if someone was back there stocking the stuff, he said “always”. HA that’s a joke as they had nothing stocked then the female and male that was back in the kitchen asked if they had to make the order that came through, the man working the register said idk I didn’t hear it they then said I’m not making it, mind you it wasn’t even my order! Get some people in this Casey’s that actually care about their jobs. I would rather drive more miles than EVER go to this Casey’s again. Worst customer service EVER.

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