Carolina Cupcakery Cupcakes in Chesapeake (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Carolina Cupcakery Cupcakes

Address: 1200 N Battlefield Blvd #106, Chesapeake, VA 23320, United States

Phone: +1 757-351-1548

Price: ₫₫

Menu: View Online

Rating: 3.7


What Time Does Carolina Cupcakery Cupcakes Open?

Saturday,: 11AM to 5PM

Sunday,: 11AM to 5PM

Monday,: 11AM to 6PM

Tuesday,: 11AM to 6PM

Wednesday,: 11AM to 6PM

Thursday,: 11AM to 6PM

Friday,: 11AM to 6PM

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Carolina Cupcakery Cupcakes Reviews

Melissa Troncoso (The Health Whisperer)

The cupcakes we had were fair. They were a little dry for my daughter’s and my taste. The flavors were good. My husband like the chocolate chip cookie with peanut butter and M&Ms. We will likely try other cupcakes in the area before returning. Their customer service was good and they have options for keto and vegan diets.

Jennifer Pitts

I called Cupcakery at the last minute so I really appreciate them making a cake on short notice however, I was told I did not have to put it in the refrigerator, then when I went to pick the cake up I was told to put the cake in my trunk. I was more comfortable having my husband hold it, but when I had to get the balloons I put the cake in my trunk for a 10 min drive going slow with my hazard lights on. Got to my daughter’s sweet 16 party to decorate and my cake looked like this. I sent in pictures and was told there’s nothing they can do. The cake did not taste good and was very dry.


I went I their location to order a birthday cake. While they had some examples on site, they didn’t have or offer me a book to look at. After ordering the cake, we purchased some cupcakes from the store. They looked fantastic. When we got home and tried to eat them, we discovered they were very dry, and the frosting had a thick, almost gritty texture to it. While the cupcakes looked good, they did not taste good, and we tossed them. At nearly five dollars apiece, it was wasted money. When I picked up the cake, it looked pretty, but the cake itself was super dry, and the frosting was gritty. The frosting was also so sweet that no one at the party could finish the entire piece even though we cut them really small. Sadly, I will not be purchasing from them in the future.

Beth Noggle

My families favorite cupcakes in the area! They have the best allergy friendly and dietary restriction options for the best prices I have found. I also hired them for my wedding and they did a wonderful job! They were super easy to work with and very helpful in the planning process. All of our guests raved about the cupcakes and cake we served. Highly highly recommend you try them out!

Deborah Lingenfelter

We had an amazing experience! We had them do two different flavored cupcakes for our wedding and we went with Almond I DO and Bromance (Chocolate/Peanut butter with whiskey buttercream, candied bacon, and chocolate chips!!!) We also had them make a 6in cake for us and it was spectacular. My husband and I didn’t know exactly what we wanted but after talking to them, they knew what we would like. Everything tasted amazing and our vendors loved them too!!

terrie muhammad

Just left the store to pick my birthday cupcakes. When the order was placed there was no mention to a change of the closing time to 6pm instead on 7pm which is on their website. We arrived before 7pm to a locked door. When my boyfriend knocked on the door someone came and told him that they were closed. Where are the cupcakes that he ordered. No concern or care. They turned him away without an cupcakes. Where is the customer service?

Kristie Joyner

We ordered our wedding cake here last month and when we picked it up for our small wedding we were so excited. The cake was beautiful and exactly what we asked for visually.

Then we cut it open and noticed that the strawberry filling we asked for was not there but it was too late as we were serving the cake to do anything about that- then it got worse. The cake was so thick that you couldn’t even swallow it without a drink. No one ate it after that first bite, not even the kids. We had to toss the entire cake. Which also means we have no top part to save for our anniversary.

Super disappointing to have bad cake on your wedding day.

Effie Rider

Stopped in, last minute pick up for a gift. The staff was fantastic in customer service and welcoming. Answered my questions and eager to explain all ingredients in cupcakes n cakes. Cupcakes were fresh n moist. I also got some of their coikies.
Definitely will return!!

samantha newman

I ordered the chocolate fix cupcake from a restaurant we ate at. They had a stand with their sign and I had never tried the cupcakes before but have seen advertisements for the company/vans and always wanted to try it. Im sorry to say it was the worst cupcake I’ve ever tasted. I tasted the icing and cupcake separately to see what tasted off to me and both have the most unusual taste to it. Absolutely a bad look for a company that sells cupcakes for $5 each.

Star Brown

The cake was beautiful that my sister n law purchased from here but the cake itself had a cornbread texture and she is too nice to return or post a negative review but I’m not. For almost $100 for a cake you should get a cake not cornbread.

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