Can you eat the wax soda bottle candy?

Wax soda bottles are a nostalgic candy treat that many remember from their childhood. These retro candies are shaped like old-fashioned glass soda bottles and are filled with a sweet liquid syrup. The “bottle” itself is made of wax. As a child, you may recall biting or cutting off the top of the wax bottle to access the sugary syrup inside. But what about eating the actual wax bottle itself – is it safe to eat? Can you actually digest the wax, or does it just pass through your system untouched? Below we’ll take a in-depth look at wax soda bottles and whether or not you can safely eat the wax.

What are wax soda bottles made of?

Wax soda bottles are made from food-grade wax, usually paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum. It’s commonly used to make candles, but can also be used in candy production when highly purified. In addition to paraffin, wax soda bottle candy may also contain other waxes like beeswax or carnauba wax. These provide hardness to give the “bottle” its shape.

The wax used to make these retro candies must meet food-grade standards for safety. This means it contains no contaminants or toxins. Food-grade wax does not necessarily have added colors or fragrances like candle wax. It’s flavorless and odorless. The wax itself has no nutritional value.

Is the wax digestible?

The short answer is no – wax is not digestible. The edible wax used in soda bottle candies passes through your digestive system intact without being broken down.

Wax is indigestible because the human gastrointestinal tract lacks the enzymes needed to metabolize it. When you swallow wax, it travels through your esophagus and into your stomach. From there, it moves through the intestinal tract and is excreted in bowel movements.

Along the way, the wax may pick up some color from bile fluids. But it remains essentially the same insoluble substance from start to finish. No nutrients are absorbed from the wax material itself.

Is eating wax soda bottle safe?

While wax is not digested, eating small amounts of food-grade wax is generally recognized as safe by the FDA. Candies like wax bottles contain only tiny amounts of wax coating the outside.

Consuming small quantities of indigestible waxes is not known to cause any immediate health risks or side effects. Paraffin and other waxes simply pass through the body harmlessly.

However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

– Choking hazard – Wax could pose a choking risk, especially for small children, if swallowed in large pieces. Chew thoroughly before swallowing.

– Blockages – Rarely, large amounts of wax may accumulate in the gastrointestinal tract and cause a blockage or obstruction. Don’t make a habit of eating wax.

– Contaminants – Poorly purified wax may contain traces of toxins. Only eat wax from candies made with food-grade ingredients.

– Allergies – Some people may have allergies to certain waxes like beeswax. Discontinue use if you experience any signs of an adverse reaction.

So in moderation, eating the edible wax from soda bottles is not inherently unsafe. But it’s wise to consume wax products sparingly as part of a balanced diet. Be extra cautious giving wax candies to small children.

Will eating wax soda bottles cause any digestive issues?

Eating small amounts of wax should not cause major digestive problems for most people. Since the wax is not absorbed and passes out of the body undigested, it does not typically irritate the stomach or intestines.

However, there are a few possible side effects to be aware of:

– Minor stomach discomfort – Some people may experience mild cramping, bloating or nausea after consuming wax. This should resolve once it passes through.

– Constipation – Wax can cause temporary constipation by hardening stool and slowing down transit time in some cases. Increase fiber and water intake to offset this effect.

– Blockage – In rare cases, wax accumulation may obstruct the intestines requiring medical attention. This is very unlikely from eating candy.

– Allergic reaction – Those with sensitivities to wax may experience diarrhea, vomiting, hives, itching or other symptoms. Discontinue use if this occurs.

Unless you have an allergy or eat very large quantities of wax, candy like soda bottles should not significantly impact digestion or cause GI issues. The wax itself has an inert effect on the digestive process. But if you do experience any negative symptoms, stop eating the wax.

Will eating the wax provide any nutritional value?

No, wax provides no nutritional value whatsoever. It contains no proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals or any other nutrients.

Wax passes through the body undigested and unabsorbed. Since your GI tract cannot break wax down, your body derives zero calories or energy from eating it. No nutrients are assimilated into your bloodstream or cells.

This is why wax is sometimes used as a coating or glazing agent for candies, pills and some foods. It adds no calories or fat. The only ingredients of any nutritional merit in wax soda bottles are the sweet liquid syrup filling and any dyes or flavorings.

The wax simply provides the candy its bottle shape and texture. While not harmful in small amounts, it should not be viewed as a source of energy, vitamins or minerals. Wax has no nutritive benefits.

Tips for enjoying wax soda bottle candy safely

Here are some tips for enjoying wax soda bottles in a safe and healthy manner:

– Choose high-quality candies from reputable brands made with food-grade wax. Avoid any bottles with an off taste or smell.

– Carefully bite or cut the bottle to access the syrup inside. Don’t swallow large chunks of wax that could pose a choking risk.

– Eat wax bottles in moderation as part of a balanced diet. Don’t make a frequent habit of consuming indigestible wax.

– Take care giving wax candies to young children. Supervise them closely to prevent choking on the wax pieces.

– Stop eating wax immediately if you experience any stomach discomfort, digestive issues, or allergic symptoms.

– Make sure to drink plenty of fluids when consuming wax to help it pass smoothly through your digestive tract.

– Be aware that wax has no nutritional value – it simply passes through your system without being absorbed or digested.

Enjoy your retro candy, but keep portions small. Use caution, and consult your doctor if you have any concerns about eating food-grade wax products. Moderation is key to safely consuming these nostalgic treats.

The bottom line

While it may seem counterintuitive, you can safely eat the wax from wax soda bottle candies. Food-grade waxes like paraffin are not digestible, but are generally recognized as safe for consumption by the FDA. The wax passes through your gastrointestinal tract intact without causing harm or providing any nutrition. Still, it’s smart to eat wax in moderation to avoid potential choking hazards or very rare blockages. Small children should be supervised closely when enjoying these retro candies. With prudent precautions, wax soda bottle candy can be part of a safe, balanced diet. Just don’t make it a habitual part of your daily food intake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat a whole wax soda bottle?

It’s not recommended to eat a whole wax soda bottle. The wax can accumulate in your digestive system and potentially cause an obstruction if you eat too much. Small pieces or normal portions of the wax coating are safe, but avoid consuming the whole bottle.

Does wax soda bottle candy expire or go bad?

Properly stored wax soda bottle candy has a long shelf life and may last for years without spoiling. However, if the bottles are subjected to high heat or humidity, the wax can sweat oil and the candy can develop a rancid taste. Discard any bottles that look or smell bad.

Are there vegan wax soda bottles?

Some wax soda bottles are made with beeswax, which is non-vegan. However, there are vegan options made using paraffin or carnauba wax instead. Check the ingredients before purchasing if you need a vegan candy.

Can you eat wax lips or wax teeth candy?

Yes, you can safely eat wax lips, wax teeth, and other novelty wax candies in moderation. They are made with the same edible paraffin or beeswax as soda bottle candy. The wax passes through your system harmlessly, but provides no nutrition.

Is it safe to swallow gum and will it stay in your stomach for 7 years?

No, swallowing gum will not cause it to remain in your stomach for years. Gum is mostly indigestible ingredients like rubber, resins, and waxes that pass through the GI tract like other foods. While not recommended, swallowing gum generally isn’t harmful.


Wax soda bottles are a nostalgic candy treat that takes many people back to their childhood. And for most people, biting into the wax exterior is part of the experience. With some basic safety precautions like avoiding choking hazards and not over-consuming, the edible wax used to make these retro candies can be eaten without issue as an occasional treat. While the wax itself provides no nutritional value, the small amounts in soda bottle candies are not harmful and simply pass through the digestive system intact. Following common sense guidelines, both kids and adults can safely enjoy this old-fashioned candy – wax and all.

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