Can you bring a purse in the Smoothie King Center?

Whether you can bring a purse into the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans often depends on the type of event you are attending. Many major sporting events and concerts will have strict rules against bringing in large bags and purses to enhance security. However, smaller purses may be allowed after being searched and screened.

Quick Overview

The Smoothie King Center generally prohibits large bags and purses for concerts and major sporting events like New Orleans Pelicans games. Smaller purses like wristlets or clutches may be permitted after being searched. Rules tend to be more relaxed for lower-profile events. All bags are subject to screening and search. Be sure to check the venue’s bag policy ahead of time for the specific event.

Typical Purse Restrictions at the Smoothie King Center

Here are some common purse restrictions at the Smoothie King Center for major events:

  • No purses larger than 5″ x 9″ x 2″
  • No backpacks or bags larger than 14″ x 14″ x 6″
  • All bags subject to search
  • No retractable handles on bags
  • Small clutches and wristlets may be allowed after screening

These restrictions aim to speed up entry and enhance security. Larger bags simply slow down the screening process when the venue needs to get thousands of fans to their seats quickly.

Types of Bags and Purses Generally Allowed

While larger purses are prohibited, there are some types of smaller bags, clutches and wristlets that are generally allowed into the Smoothie King Center after screening:

  • Small clutches up to 5″ x 9″ in size
  • Wristlets or wallets on a strap up to 5″ x 8″
  • Drawstring bags if under 14″ x 14″ in size
  • One-compartment transparent tote bags
  • Small fanny packs or camera bags

As long as these bags follow the venue’s size limits, you will usually be able to bring them in after passing them through security screening. Be sure to check ahead just in case policies have changed for your specific event.

Why Large Bags Are Restricted

There are a few key reasons why the Smoothie King Center and other major venues restrict large bags and backpacks:

  • Security – Screening small bags is much quicker and reduces the risk of prohibited items entering the venue.
  • Speedier Entry – Smaller bags allow staff to screen attendees faster so everyone can get to their seats quicker.
  • Safety – Eliminating unnecessary bags reduces tripping hazards and makes exits less congested in an emergency.
  • Sightlines – Large bags can obstruct views or take up valuable legroom.

By placing reasonable size limits on bags based on the venue’s layout and crowd needs, they aim to maximize security while allowing fans some convenience for personal items.

Screening Process for Approved Bags

Even if your purse or clutch meets the Smoothie King Center’s size requirements, you should still expect to have it carefully screened before you enter. The screening process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Open your bag and place it in a bin or on the screening table.
  2. Walk through a metal detector while your bag is X-rayed from multiple angles.
  3. Be prepared to remove any questionable or prohibited items if asked.
  4. You may be asked to open compartments or move items for visual inspection.
  5. Approved bags will get a special sticker or tag to confirm screening.
  6. Retrieve your screened bag and proceed to your seat.

This screening process applies to all permitted bags and purses to ensure the safety of all attendees. Leave prohibited items at home or in your car to avoid delays at screening.

Items Strictly Prohibited at the Smoothie King Center

Even if your purse itself meets the venue’s size limits, be aware that many common items carried in purses are strictly banned from the Smoothie King Center. Prohibited items include:

Prohibited Items
Weapons (firearms, knives, pepper spray, tasers, etc.)
Drugs and paraphernalia
Fireworks, flares, and other explosives
Alcoholic beverages
Large umbrellas
Coolers or outside food/beverage
Pets (service animals excepted)
Balls, frisbees, balloons
Banners or signs larger than 22″ x 28″

Trying to bring prohibited items into the venue may result in being denied entry, ejection, arrest, or items being confiscated. Be sure to leave restricted items at home or in your locked vehicle.

Checking the Venue’s Bag Policy in Advance

Since specific bag restrictions can vary based on the event, it’s always wise to check the Smoothie King Center’s official bag policy in advance. There are a few ways to check their up-to-date rules before arriving:

  • Check the venue’s official website for posted bag policies.
  • Call the venue box office directly to inquire about restrictions.
  • Check the website or ticket listing for your specific event.
  • Look for any emails or notifications that may have been sent to ticket holders.
  • Search social media for updates posted close to the event date.

Policies can evolve over time, so double-checking the latest rules in the days or hours leading up to your event is always wise. Understanding the venue’s bag policy helps ensure you can comply and gain entry without delay.

Arriving Early to Allow for Screening Time

While the Smoothie King Center has multiple entry gates to speed up the process, be sure to still arrive early if bringing any type of permitted bag or purse. Extra time is often needed to:

  • Locate the correct entry gate for bag screening.
  • Wait in line during peak arrival times.
  • Allow staff time to thoroughly screen your bag.
  • Retrieve your belongings if asked to remove prohibited items.
  • Sort out any confusion over policies or eligibility.

Gates typically open 60-90 minutes before tipoff or showtime. Arrive at least 45 minutes early if possible, and even earlier for major games, concerts and sellout crowds. This helps ensure you get through security and get settled in your seat on time.

Alternatives If You Can’t Bring a Full-Size Purse

If you don’t want to downsize to a tiny clutch or go without a bag, there are some other options for big events with strict bag policies:

  • Clear bags – Bring belongings in an approved clear plastic tote to speed screening.
  • Secure parking – Lock larger purses out of sight in your car.
  • Shared locker – Rent a locker to stash your bag near the venue.
  • Coat check – Some venues offer bag checks outside entrance gates.
  • Wearable items – Distribute items into secure pockets, belts, wristlets, etc.

With some creative planning, you can work around purse restrictions while keeping necessities close at hand.


The Smoothie King Center strictly limits the size of bags and purses allowed into the venue for major events. While larger purses are prohibited, small clutches, wristlets and transparent bags that follow stated size limits are generally allowed after careful screening. Be sure to check the official bag policy ahead of time, arrive early to allow for screening, and be ready to comply with all stated rules on prohibited items. With some advance planning, you can meet security needs while still enjoying convenient access to your personal belongings.

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