Can justice gift cards still be used?

Justice gift cards have long been a popular gift choice for parents and grandparents looking to buy clothes and accessories for tweens. However, after the retailer’s bankruptcy in 2020, many people have been left wondering if their unused Justice gift cards can still be redeemed for merchandise.

What happened to Justice?

Justice, formerly known as Limited Too, was a specialty retail store focused on tween girls. The company operated over 600 locations across the United States, Canada, and the Middle East. In 2009, Limited Too was rebranded as Justice after being acquired by Ascena Retail Group.

Ascena operated Justice until 2020, when the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. As part of its bankruptcy restructuring, Ascena made the decision to wind down the Justice brand and close all remaining Justice stores. The bankruptcy meant that customers could no longer shop at physical Justice locations.

Can Justice gift cards still be used?

When a retailer like Justice goes bankrupt, it often stops accepting gift cards as part of its restructuring process. However, in Justice’s case, gift cards can still be used despite the bankruptcy.

After the bankruptcy filing, Justice was acquired by Premier Brands Justice LLC. This new ownership group made the commitment to continue honoring all existing Justice gift cards and merchandise credits.

So while Justice no longer operates any physical stores, the brand still exists online. Justice gift card holders can redeem their cards by shopping on the Justice website at The online store has a selection of Justice’s most popular tween apparel and accessories.

As long as funds remain on the gift cards, they will be accepted at checkout on the Justice website. Gift card holders simply enter the gift card number and PIN when prompted at online checkout. The gift card balance is automatically applied to the purchase.

Are there exclusions when using Justice gift cards online?

Justice gift cards can be used to pay for most merchandise available on the Justice website. However, there are some exclusions that customers should be aware of:

– Gift cards cannot be used for purchases of gift cards or e-gift cards.
– Gift cards cannot be applied when using promotional or discount codes on the website.
– Gift cards cannot be used to pay for taxes, shipping costs, or handling fees.

Aside from these categories, Justice gift cards can be used on the entire online product selection. If an item is in stock online at Justice, a gift card should cover at least a portion, if not the full amount, of the purchase price.

What if my Justice gift card balance is less than my total purchase?

If your Justice gift card does not have sufficient funds to cover the full amount of your online purchase, the remainder can be paid using another payment method.

Justice accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and Justice merchandise credit online. You can use one of these other payment methods to pay the portion of the purchase price that exceeds your Justice gift card’s balance.

For example, if your total cart amount is $100, and you have a Justice gift card with $25 remaining, you can use the gift card to pay $25 of the total. The remaining $75 balance would need to be paid with a credit card, PayPal, or merchandise credit.

Does Justice charge any fees for using gift cards online?

Justice does not charge any additional fees when redeeming gift cards on its website. You can use the full balance of your Justice gift card without incurring fees.

Even if your Justice gift card does not cover the full amount and you have to use an additional form of payment, there are no extra charges. The gift card funds are simply deducted first, and then the remainder is charged to your second payment method.

What if I can’t find my Justice gift card number or PIN?

If you can’t locate your Justice gift card number or PIN, you have a few options:

– Call 1-800-854-5432. This is the Justice gift card customer service line. They may be able to look up your gift card number if you have the original receipt or order confirmation.

– Check your past emails. Justice should have emailed your gift card number and PIN when the card was originally purchased.

– Visit the Justice gift card balance page. Enter your name, zip code, and card number (if known) to see if your balance appears.

– Visit the store on your receipt. Even though Justice locations are closed, the store associates may still have access to prior gift card sale records.

As long as you have the physical Justice gift card, even without the number or PIN, their customer service team should be able to assist you. You will likely need to provide identifying information or documentation to prove you are the legitimate card holder.

What are some tips for getting the most out of Justice gift cards online?

Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your Justice gift cards when shopping online:

– Sign up for Justice Reward bonuses – Creating an online account allows you to earn points with every purchase. When you redeem Justice gift cards online, you still earn reward points.

– Check for promotions – Keep an eye out for seasonal sales or online promo codes that may help you stretch your gift card value further.

– Shop clearance – Filter the Justice website by “Sale” to browse discounted items you can snag with gift card funds.

– Buy big-ticket items – Since you aren’t paying out of pocket, you can use Justice gift cards on higher-priced items like coats, dresses, or sets.

– Focus on necessities – Use Justice gift cards for back-to-school clothing basics or other wardrobe necessities.

– Give as a gift – Buy a small Justice e-gift card with your balance to give the remainder to someone else.

What are some current bestselling items you can buy with Justice gift cards?

Some of the most popular Justice items available now that can be purchased with gift cards include:

Item Price
Heart of Stone High Rise Jeggings $29.90
Cozy Crew Neck Pullover Sweater $29.90
Plaid Button Down Top $39.90
HOHOHO Graphic Sweatshirt $29.90
Ultra High Rise Ripped Skinny Jeans $39.90

These are just a few examples of the trendy tween styles shoppers are purchasing with Justice gift cards this season. Categories like jeans, sweaters, graphic tees, and hoodies are Justice bestsellers.

Should I be concerned about Justice gift cards expiring?

You do not need to worry about Justice gift cards expiring any time soon. Justice gift cards purchased in 2020 or later have no expiration date.

Older Justice gift cards that may have had expiration dates as part of Limited Too’s policies are still being honored by the current Justice brand.

As long as your Justice gift card was originally activated, it will not expire and can continue to be used online. Even if your Justice gift card is several years old, the funds should still be there when you go to redeem it.

What should I do if my Justice gift card is not working online?

In most cases, Justice gift cards that are not being accepted on the Justice website are either damaged, or have already been fully redeemed. Here is what to check in those situations:

– Inspect the gift card for damage like scratches or cracks, which can interfere with the code being scanned at online checkout. If damaged, contact Justice customer service to see if they can troubleshoot or replace it.

– Verify the complete gift card number is correctly entered without any errors or missing digits. Typos when entering the long card number can cause problems.

– Confirm the gift card has a remaining balance by checking the Justice gift card balance page or calling customer service. Fully redeemed cards will be declined when used online.

– Try re-entering the gift card PIN or contacting Justice to retrieve it. An incorrect PIN can cause a gift card not to work properly.

– If available, try entering the gift card on a different device or web browser in case of technical issues.

As long as the Justice gift card itself is undamaged and has a balance, their customer service team should be able to resolve any issues you encounter using it on the Justice website.


While Justice retail stores have closed down, Justice gift cards can still be conveniently redeemed at Both old Limited Too gift cards and newer Justice gift cards purchased after the bankruptcy can be used online. Gift card funds never expire, so Justice gift cards from any year can be utilized.

Justice gift cards make great gifts for tweens who love fashionable clothing and accessories. The cards can be online redeemed for Justice’s latest apparel arrivals in girls, boys, and plus sizes, giving kids the opportunity to shop Justice’s styles. With no fees and many redemption options, Justice gift cards remain a smart choice long after the store’s restructuring.

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