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Cafe Louisa

Address: 503 Cloverdale Rd, Montgomery, AL 36106

Phone: (334) 264-4241

Price: $$

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.4


What Time Does Cafe Louisa Open?

Saturday,: 8AM to 9PM

Sunday,: 8AM to 9PM

Monday,: Closed

Tuesday,: Closed

Wednesday,: 7AM to 8PM

Thursday,: 7AM to 8PM

Friday,: 7AM to 7PM

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Cafe Louisa Reviews

TJ Evans

On 2/18/22 we went to this cafe and bought a scone. When we opened it, a forest of mold was growing on it. When I called, they said that they packed it the day before and so there shouldn’t be a problem with it. There was no follow up and no refund. Quite disappointed that my favorite little spot is serving contaminated food. I really advise the staff to double check their products. Quite unsanitary. I advise everyone to check before eating the food made here.

Coty Hall

Old Cloverdale charm. I always loved the old location but this one is much larger and the outdoor seating is great. The sweets from the bakery are great. I recommend the raspberry granola bar. I like to stop here for a treat after eating at Tomatinos.

Jeff Pellman

It was a cute little place we found while we were googling where to get coffee. Nice location, outdoor seating. My coffee was good. My friend tried to order food but they were out of some things he wanted BUT it was a holiday weekend, these things happen. I’d go back.


Good spot to relax and have a cup of coffee. Polite barista, decent service. The food is good, especially the orange pecan bread. I would recommend to take their displayed food out of plastic containers to make it look more appetizing. I know Covid, but other coffee houses are past that. Bottom line, worth a visit.

Leif Dumm

Wife had coffee with cream & orange pecan muffin. I had a chai latte with a blueberry muffin. My wife said the coffee was like tea and her muffin had two pecans and no orange what so ever. My latte was awful and the blueberry muffin was a like eating a cotton ball. I am a chef by trade, and this is why I do not eat out at places a lot. What people claim is great food, have not left their area to taste great food. I went out of my way to eat local and I was disappointed. Maybe you will have better luck.

N. Emmanuelle Marcano

Ordered a panini of the day with rosemary bread, I took one bite and had to spit it out. Way too SALTY!!!!!!!!!!! Like eating sea water. They made another type of sandwich and was less salty. Good customer service but salty food.

Bryan Carter

Love Cafe Louisa! One of the best locally treasured businesses in Montgomery. Good coffee, excellent baked goods and a laid back hangout. Almost hate to tell too many people about it. Ha! A few photos from my cellphone — maybe I’ll try and post better soon.

S Francescutti

The coffee was fantastic! It was a very smooth blend and done well. This place is a hidden gem.

Collin Shumaker

Montgomery’s greatest coffee shop. ALL the food was phenomenal, the coffee hit the spot, and the staff were so kind. 11/10.

Jeanette Heidenreich

Beautiful outside seating. Delicious pastries, pies and cakes and the mocha cheesecake is amazing. Wonderful staff! Even helped me carry out my full cup of tea. So happy I came here.

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