Bober Tea & Mochi Dough Dinkytown in Minneapolis (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Bober Tea & Mochi Dough Dinkytown

Address: 405 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Phone: (612) 354-7869


Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.3


What Time Does Bober Tea & Mochi Dough Dinkytown Open?

Saturday,: 12 to 9PM

Sunday,: 12 to 9PM

Monday,: 12 to 9PM

Tuesday,: 12 to 9PM

Wednesday,: 12 to 9PM

Thursday,: 12 to 9PM

Friday,: 12 to 9PM

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Bober Tea & Mochi Dough Dinkytown Reviews

ben delarosa

Everyone is super friendly and lightning quick service. The donuts are amazing. I love the consistency/texture of them. Mochi is my favorite confection so it’s awesome to have it in donut form. I’ve read other reviews comment on the sweetness level of the drinks. There is an option to choose the sweetness level when you order. I’m not sure if that’s new or if other folks missed it. I had the pandan and hazelnut at 50% sweetness and it was pretty good but I’ll probably get 75% next time. I would say 50% would be like slightly watered down sweetened iced tea. I think it’s great that they have an option for customers to choose the sweetness level. I also love that they have rotating flavors for the donuts. I’m glad I don’t live too close or I’d be going here all the time!

Ella B.

Finally, legit mochi donuts in the Twin Cities! They are so good and worth the wait. Black sesame was my favorite flavor, but I overheard that they rotate flavors every two weeks or so.

Please note that you can only order via kiosk, and it can take quite a while for people to decide what they want to order. I didn’t order any boba because the sweetness wasn’t adjustable, but I’m not sure if it’s like this for every drink.

Kristina Legky

my husband and i went here last night and got two drinks and a six pack assortment of the mochi donuts! the entire place is super cute! my husband got a mango drink and i got an iced coffee, both were good… but the mochi donuts were amazing. we brought some home and my entire family loved them! the toffee ones are SO SO good! definitely would come back and recommend to try it out, i’m sure you’ll love it too and want to come back!

Mimi M.

My first time going to a Japanese doughnut and Boba cafe. Space is quite small that tells me the space there renting per square ft must be expensive. Its my first time paying $15 dollars for six doughnuts. Most of the icing is base white chocolate but the extract different flavors the Taro flavor did not carry its weight it was basically like white chocolate with purple coloring maybe should try ube flavor? The fact you can only choose one out of your six pack per the the pink Golden rose tea flavor because the ingredients in it is not cost effective and driven by quality base and want to give customer a upscale donut is interesting concept to market one of your doughnuts.
It was hard to get around for me and my son waiting for are order. The rest of the doughnuts we choose except the Taro was pretty flavorful. The boba teas for the price you want they look beautiful but flavor do not pack a punch I had better at Feng Cha. I wonder if this was done un purpose because you dont want your products to be overly sweet? The Kiosk payment at the line is quite interesting I see this more after covid. The staff was very nice. I love the decor of the Cafe. Overall I would come back for the doughnuts as a once in a bluemoon if im passing through not a go out of my way for you type of deal watch im sad about that. I would like to go out of my way for you someday for I live way over by Mystic Lake Casino. Ok have a great day!

Sam Jutz (OJ)

Underwhelming. Ordered their best selling milk tea and a Vietnamese coffee, as well as 6 donuts and paid over $30. Drinks were so sweet they were disgusting, and the donuts were just okay. Taro and black sesame were good, but the others were pretty average donuts: not worth the price tag. Drinks also had no size choices, no sugar level options, and use a TON of unnecessary plastic. Seems like they spent a lot on the cute aesthetics for the store and not enough on making the product taste good. Our teeth still hurt from drinks that we didn’t even finish or enjoy.

Ean Strickland

My partner and I keeps watching people buy like 2-5 boxes and we were like let try this place. I got Chizu Taro Latte and 6 mixed different kind. Wow they are BOMB! So good and we feel like we are in heavenly. Definitely will come back with Chizu Taro Latte for me and my partner love their donut. Perfect for our mini date. HIGHLY recommend stop by!!! (Yon won’t regret it!)

Jay Shen

To be honest, they do not have the best mochi donuts I have had everywhere in the United States, but to have one like such in the Twin Cities, with such good service, efficiency, and options, is amazing already. I loved the black sesame, taro, strawberry, and Oreo mochi donuts, and an employee there told me today that they are coming out with new flavors soon! The décor is also very suitable for pictures when customers want to take some. But what impresses me the most is their employees’ level of patience and ability to handle a large, loud crowd. They ensure that every person’s order is sufficiently completed, and even remember it if you have also ordered a boba tea. I know this business will thrive without a doubt, given their popularity, but I implore every customer to give the employees hospitality, patience, and, in some cases, empathy. They deserve everything!


Love this place! The mochi donuts were yummy (favorite was taro). Bubble tea was decent, but mochi donuts were the highlight. Beautiful decoration and space was made with students in mind – had outlets on the table with usb 🙂

Nabeel Osman

The donuts are worth the drive and standing in line… it’s like a moist dessert, like a luxury chew, not like a dry text from your date, but more like a soft Pom Pom, boba balls. (Mochi Dough)

Worth the wait, GET THERE EARLY as they do run out of the donuts. We got lucky and grabbed the last three around 9pm. Line is long, but goes fast. Parking, non existent.

Valerie Yang

BEST LOCATION FOR MOCHI DONUTS IN MN. I’ve tried other stores & local vendors here in mn and they cannot compare to this location! Tasty flavors & Mochi bread like texture.

Beautiful interior and many seating available. Their Mochi Donut menu changes occasionally to produce more variety of options, so definitely take a look at their socials first to check what they have for that day.

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