Belle’s Bread Japanese Bakery and Café in Columbus (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

Belle’s Bread Japanese Bakery and Café

Address: 1168 Kenny Centre Mall, Columbus, OH 43220

Phone: (614) 451-7110

Price: $

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.8


What Time Does Belle’s Bread Japanese Bakery and Café Open?

Saturday,: 10AM to 7PM

Sunday,: 11AM to 6PM

Monday,: 10AM to 7PM

Tuesday,: 10AM to 7PM

Wednesday,: 10AM to 7PM

Thursday,: 10AM to 7PM

Friday,: 10AM to 7PM

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Belle’s Bread Japanese Bakery and Café Reviews

Nicholas Klein

An absolutely amazing and unique bakery that I would not have expected to find in Ohio! Everything was delicious and I recommend being ready right when they open as it seems popular and stuff goes quick (but I will say they seemed to keep every item well stocked). Hard to pick a favorite, but the MELON BREAD is a must in any variation. It is so fluffy but with the crust of a sugar cookie and dough that takes just like cookie dough. So yum and just melts in your mouth.


I’ve had the pleasure to stop here quite a few times on my trips to Columbus and they never disappoint! If you like delicious and savory pastries and desserts, you have to check this place out! I have tried many of their different options and I have liked every single one! There’s definitely something for everyone. Would totally recommend.

Rajika Robinson

One of the best bakeries in Columbus. Their drinks and soft serves are awesome. The buns are always fresh and the refrigerated items are always spot on. Prices are reasonable and service is always friendly.

Kessashun Arthur

If you’re like me and not super familiar with Japanese baked goods, this place will have you lost (in a good way) and super intrigued. There’s a section full of cakes, sweet rolls, pastries, etc. that attracts a lot of fans and pre-orders, but I haven’t ventured much into it (yet). I’ve explored the “bread” section and don’t think I’ll ever forget their heavenly matcha roll; it was a perfectly buttery and earthy loaf of bread that could easily stand alone. Their curry & egg donut was excellent and unlike anything I’ve had before. I also tried a spicy tuna (roll/bun?) that had a delicious, unexpected punch to the mouth with heat and great flavor. Savory pastries are plentiful and I’m sure there’s much more great things to uncover here. 10/10 would recommend exploring Belle’s Bread!

Moon Lhila

Got a bun with Japanese curry and egg in it. Was absolutely delicious and full of flavour. It was a perfect balance of sweet and savory with the bread being soft which made it apparent it was fresh.
Got a milk tea to drink which tasted about like what you’d expect from milk tea.
The staff are incredibly friendly and lovely as well! Very much recommend visiting here!

Shawna Davis

This is our favorite bakery in Columbus. We’ve tried most of the desserts and they are all amazing. We always get their cakes for special events and celebrations. My favorites are the seasonal blueberry cheesecake, the strawberry cake, the chocolate cake, the raspberry mousse, and the chocolate/strawberry danish. As you can see it’s hard to choose. The danishes are perfectly flaky and the cakes are light and airy. They also have good One Line coffee drinks, ice cream, and crepes. I’m always impressed that things are always well stocked throughout the day, despite them always being busy. The staff is always efficient and friendly.

Michael Braun

A wonderful Japanese style bakery! They have many different Japanese bread staples including curry pan!
They also have many different beverages that looked delicious! Service was excellent and the bathrooms were clean.

Austin Yochus

Soo much to choose from!! Lots of cakes, pastries, cookies and more. We had a cream puff with chocolate that was delicious! Also the strawberry cake is phenomenal. Ive heard the ice cream is good too.

Angela Vitale

Belle’s Bakery is a fabulous bakery for sweet and savory items. Their bread is tender and delicious. Their pastries are just the right crisp to crumbly. The cakes are sweet without being too sweet. They make crepes on site and fill with your choice of filling. This time my daughter had cookies and cream. She prefers the strawberry one, but both were very good.

My daughter’s favorite thing to get is a lemon soda float, but the lemon soda is seasonal and it’s gone for now. My daughter is super disappointed (me too as I drove almost 40 minutes to get this soda!). That said their drinks are as good as their breads – never too sweet.

The lemon cake is very nice. As is the strawberry cake. I really love their almond crisp cookies. So very thin, filled with sliced almonds, and just a touch sweet. Some might say it isn’t sweet enough, but these were perfect.

This place alone is worth the drive for us, but when you pair it with nearby Tensuke Market it’s absolutely worth every minute.

Joe Ferrone

Belle’s Bread is one of my favorite places in Columbus. My most recent visit was to pickup pre-ordered cakes on Christmas Eve. There was a long line but it moved relatively quickly. The cakes received rave reviews at the party. Both cakes were fluffy and had delicious icing. While waiting in line I also grabbed a couple of to-go sandwiches. I got egg salad for myself and a pork cutlet sandwich for my dad. In summation, Belle’s Bread is well worth the trip.

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