Are spinach wraps high in carbs?

Quick Answer

Spinach wraps can be higher or lower in carbs depending on the specific wrap ingredients and size. Most plain spinach wraps range from about 5-8g net carbs per medium-sized wrap. Wraps made with just spinach tend to be very low carb, while flour tortilla-style spinach wraps are higher in carbs. The more added ingredients like grains and starches, the higher the carb count. Overall, spinach wraps are a nutritious lower carb alternative to regular flour tortillas.

What Are The Carb Counts For Different Spinach Wraps?

Here is an overview of the carb counts in different types of spinach wrap products:

Spinach Wrap Type Net Carbs Per Wrap
Low carb spinach herb wrap (6″ diameter) 3g
Low carb high fiber spinach wrap (7″ diameter) 5g
Spinach tortilla (8″ diameter) 15g
Gluten-free spinach wrap (7″ diameter) 8g
Vegan spinach wrap (7″ diameter) 6g

As you can see, net carbs in spinach wraps can range significantly based on the specific ingredients and size. Plain spinach leaf wraps with minimal added ingredients are lowest in carbs with around 3-5g net carbs per medium wrap.

Larger spinach tortilla-style wraps or those made with added grains or starches tend to be higher in carbs, closer to 15g per wrap. Gluten-free, vegan, and high fiber spinach wraps fall in the middle with 5-8g net carbs.

So in general, plain spinach wraps made primarily from spinach are your best bet for keeping carbs low. But even higher carb spinach tortillas or wraps have less carbs than regular flour tortillas which can have 20g net carbs or more per medium-sized wrap.

Factors That Affect Carb Count of Spinach Wraps

There are a few main factors that determine the net carb content in different spinach wrap products:

Ingredients: Wraps made only with spinach and minimal added binders are lowest in carbs. The more added grains like wheat or corn flour, starches, or thickeners, the higher the carbs.

Size: Larger wraps naturally have more carbs than smaller wraps, even among the same brand. An 8-inch spinach tortilla will be higher carb than a 6-inch one.

Serving Size: Pay attention to the listed serving size, as 2 medium wraps can have double the carbs as 1 large wrap.

Fiber Content: Some wraps use added fiber to lower net carbs. Check if it is a high fiber spinach wrap to account for more fiber.

So focus on buying plain spinach leaf wraps with minimal ingredients and look for smaller sizes or single serving wraps to keep carb counts down. Large, flour-based spinach tortillas will be higher in carbs.

Are Spinach Wraps Keto-Friendly?

Plain spinach leaf wraps are generally considered keto-friendly, containing about 3-5g net carbs per average medium-sized wrap.

This allows them to fit within typical keto macros which recommend limiting net carbs to 20-50g per day.

However, larger spinach tortillas, gluten-free spinach wraps, and other products with more added grains and starches may contain up to 8-15g net carbs per wrap.

This can use up a significant chunk of your daily carb limit on keto, so these higher carb options should be portioned carefully or limited on a strict keto diet.

Some easy ways to make spinach wraps more keto-friendly include:

– Choosing smaller 6-7 inch wraps instead of large wraps

– Sticking to 1 wrap per meal

– Loading up wraps with low carb veggies and protein

– Adding high fat ingredients like avocado or cheese

– Using lettuce leaves or Collard greens as lower carb wrap alternatives

As long as you account for the carbs, spinach wraps can be included in moderation on a keto diet. Just focus on the plain, low ingredient versions and watch your portions.

Spinach Wrap Carb Counts Compared to Flour Tortillas

Compared to regular wheat or flour tortillas, spinach wraps are significantly lower in carbs and better options for low carb and keto diets.

Here’s a comparison of net carbs in medium-sized spinach wraps versus flour tortillas:

Wrap Type Net Carbs Per Wrap
Flour tortilla (8″) 20g
Spinach leaf wrap (7″) 5g
Spinach tortilla (8″) 15g

As you can see, even spinach tortillas which are higher carb contain around 25% less net carbs than regular flour tortillas.

And plain spinach leaf wraps without added starches or flours are about 75-80% lower in carbs than flour tortillas, with only 5g net carbs versus 20g in flour.

So if you’re looking for a lower carb wrap option, spinach wraps are a great alternative to keep your carb counts down. Just opt for the spinach leaf variety over spinach tortillas when possible.

Health Benefits of Spinach Wraps

In addition to being lower in carbs, spinach wraps provide some valuable nutrients and health benefits:

High in Vitamins A, C, and K1: Spinach is an excellent source of immunity-boosting antioxidants vitamins A, C and bone-supporting vitamin K1.

Good Source of Folate: Spinach wraps provide folate, a B vitamin that aids red blood cell production and heart health.

Contains Anti-inflammatory Compounds: Spinach contains carotenoids and flavonoids which help reduce inflammation in the body.

High in Nitrates: Spinach has high levels of nitrates, which may improve circulation and oxygen flow.

More Fiber Than Flour: Spinach wraps typically provide at least 1-3g fiber per serving, which improves digestion.

Low in Calories: Plain spinach wraps are very low calorie, so you can eat more food for fewer calories.

So in addition to having less impact on your blood sugars and ketone levels, spinach wraps provide important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Tips for Using Spinach Wraps

Here are some tips for incorporating spinach wraps into a low carb or keto diet:

– Choose plain spinach leaf wraps with minimal ingredients and 6-7 inch diameter sizes.

– Limit to 1 wrap per meal, and combine with low carb veggies and proteins.

– Avoid overstuffing wraps which increases calories and carbs.

– Store wraps properly by keeping refrigerated and using within 5-7 days.

– Try grilling or pan-searing wraps briefly to prevent tearing and make them more pliable.

– Spread wraps with creamy sauces and dressings to help ingredients stick together.

– Use lettuce leaves or Collard greens as lower carb alternatives for wrap fillings.

– Balance carb counts by reducing other carbs at meals with a spinach wrap.

With some mindful choices and portion control, spinach wraps can be enjoyed regularly even on ketogenic and low carb diets.

Keto-Friendly Spinach Wrap Recipe Ideas

Here are some keto-friendly ideas for spinach wrap recipes:

Chipotle Chicken Spinach Wraps

– 1 spinach wrap
– 2-3 oz cooked shredded chicken
– 1 tbsp chipotle mayo
– Cheese slices
– Lettuce, tomato, avocado

Spread chipotle mayo on wrap, top with chicken, cheese, veggies and roll up.

BLT Spinach Wraps

– 1 spinach wrap
– 2-3 strips cooked bacon
– 1-2 leaves lettuce
– 1-2 slices tomato
– 1 tbsp mayo

Crisp bacon in a pan. Spread mayo on wrap and layer with bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

Steak Fajita Spinach Wraps

– 1 spinach wrap
– 3 oz sliced flank steak
– 1/4 cup sautéed onions and bell peppers
– 2 tbsp homemade fajita seasoning
– 1 oz Mexican cheese blend
– 1 tbsp sour cream

Sauté steak with fajita veggies. Add to wrap with cheese and top with sour cream.

Mediterranean Tuna Wraps

– 1 spinach wrap
– 3 oz tuna salad made with olive oil mayo
– Cucumber, tomato, red onion
– 2-3 kalamata olives, chopped
– 1 tbsp crumbled feta cheese
– Fresh basil leaves

Fill wrap with tuna salad, veggies, olives, feta and fresh basil.

Egg Salad Spinach Wraps

– 1 spinach wrap
– 1⁄4 cup egg salad made with olive oil mayo
– 1 slice Swiss cheese
– Lettuce leaves
– Tomato

Fill wrap with egg salad, Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato.

Are Spinach Wraps Good for Weight Loss?

Spinach wraps can be a helpful weight loss food for several reasons:

Lower in Calories Than Flour Tortillas

With only about 50-80 calories per plain spinach wrap depending on size, they are lower calorie than a 150-300 calorie flour tortilla. This creates a calorie deficit.

Provide Nutrients That Boost Metabolism

Spinach contains iron, vitamin C, magnesium and vitamin A – nutrients that help support a healthy metabolism.

High in Fiber to Promote Fullness

The fiber in spinach wraps helps slow digestion, control hunger hormones, and promote feeling full between meals for potentially less calorie intake.

Versatile Substitute for Refined Carbs

Spinach wraps can replace white bread and refined flour tortillas which can aid weight loss by reducing overall carb and calorie intake.

Naturally Gluten-Free and Low Carb

Avoiding gluten and lowering net carbs creates better fat burning conditions in the body and stabilizes blood sugars.

However, portions of wraps and fillings must still be controlled – wraps don’t automatically lead to weight loss without an overall healthy diet. But spinach wraps can be one beneficial food in a balanced weight loss plan.


Spinach wraps range from around 3-15g net carbs depending on specific ingredients and size. Plain spinach leaf wraps without added flours or starches are lowest in carbs.

Compared to flour tortillas containing about 20g net carbs, all spinach wraps are a lower carb option, even the tortilla-style versions with 15g carbs.

In addition to their carb advantage, spinach wraps provide important nutrients and health benefits from vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

When portioned properly, even on lower carb diets like keto, spinach wraps can be included as part of healthy meal plan for their nutrition and versatility. Be mindful of ingredients, size, and quantity to keep carb counts in check.

Overall, spinach wraps make a tasty, nutritious, and lower carb alternative to regular flour tortillas.

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