3N1 Sports Bar & Grill in Chula Vista (Photos, Menu, Reviews & Ratings)

3N1 Sports Bar & Grill

Address: 2330 Proctor Valley Rd # 101, Chula Vista, CA 91914, United States

Phone: +1 619-207-0366

Price: ₫₫

Menu: View Online

Rating: 4.5

Website: http://www.3n1sportsbarandgrill.com/

What Time Does 3N1 Sports Bar & Grill Open?

Saturday,: 10AM to 2AM

Sunday,: 9AM to 10PM

Monday,: 11AM to 11PM

Tuesday,: 11AM to 11PM

Wednesday,: 11AM to 11PM

Thursday,: 11AM to 1AM

Friday,: 11AM to 2AM

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3N1 Sports Bar & Grill Reviews

Roxanne Dierking

We had the 3N1 burger, Pulled Pork, Cubano and Steak salad. It was all pretty delish. Not my fave Cubano ever, but still tasty. The steak salad was excellent.. my daughter loved it. Service was decent. It was a slowish Monday eve so there was only one server in our area. Food took an average time to come out. No complaints.. we will def return.

David Rojas

First and last time..

This was around noon-ish.. so it was almost empty. Maybe 15 customers max.

Can’t believe how rude that bartender guy was.
1. I sit at the bar and he throws the coaster at me, it drops to the floor.. no apology, no “hey I’ll get your another one.. nothing.. I didn’t bother picking it up either because i noticed his unwelcoming behavior.

2. Spilts my beer.. again.. no Fs given.
3. Barely checked up on us.
4. Super unwelcoming environment. I don’t know if they didn’t like us, but i felt the tension.
5. The food was very salty
6. The cigars.. go ahead and save your money. Our cigars cracked and peeled. First and last time myself and the boys will go there.
7. I still tipped that rude bartender.
8. It take A LOT for me to leave a bad review because im very reasonable. This place deserves 1/2 star.

Ms Mari M

This is the spot! Thank you for the attentive service and delicious food! I’ll definitely be back✔️✔️

The manager and waitress today, Monday between 6-9pm OFF THE HOOK!

Music and ambiance

Pilar Cruz

First time there… (Sunday, early evening) As we approach the place I see that they have a nice, large seating area outside, but it’s completely empty. I tell my husband that this is not a good sign, that maybe we should leave. We walk in and it smells like cigarette mixed with grease. The place is not busy at all, so we get seated immediately. They didn’t have their popular wings, which is why we had opted to go there, so it’s a little disappointing. We decide to try a couple of appetizers and have a beer. It took forever to get our drinks, but the food did come out within a reasonable amount of time. The appetizers were fine.
It seems as if this place is a hangout spot for people who live in the surrounding area. We felt out of place, there was a weird vibe. The one staff person who spoke to us was nice, but we were invisible to the rest of the staff.

Jeff Matheny

We have been eating here for the past couple of years
Not an extensive menu but they take the time to make sure everything is very good. Steak salad, cauliflower pizza, killer chicken wings you can’t go wrong.
The owners and staff make you feel welcome every time you come through the door.
Reminds me of my favorite bar in the Midwest.

Richard Martinez

This place is awesome! Nice humidor with great cigars. Lounge is spacious with TVs everywhere to watch any game while enjoying your cigar! My First time was a little more than a month ago and I’ve been like 4-5x sense hahaha… just a cool vide to chill. And if you go on an empty stomach, food is really good, wings are !!!

Moe Rami

This place is nice, interesting food options. Nice outside area with heaters/ bonfire pits.
Also a cigar shop and indoor smoking section if that’s your thing.

Would have given a 5* but the first bucket of beer was warm and the bathroom literally has 1 toilet and 1 urinal. Honestly not sure if thay had more bathrooms in the smoking section.

was a wednesday when i visited. Still seemed like many people enjoy the spot. If i go again i will try the food, didn’t the first time because we came fresh from a restaurant.

Jack Trouble

Our party asked for menus.. couldn’t get any, only QR codes. We asked for pint glasses…we got plastic cups. It took a long time to get our beers as well. The food is pretty okay and the atmosphere is great. My party didn’t feel like going back unfortunately.

Abraham Valdez

Found this spot while waiting for my fav pizza spot to open. After seeing 4.8 reviews and #6 on some Chula Vista Foodie list, decided to try.
Walked in and it was nearly empty and still waited to be seated. Staff was no where to be found. Sat in the covered patio which was nice. Any seat has a good view of a TV. The whole patio is a smoking section since this sports bar also has a cigar shop.
Ordered the calamari, “Cuban Style” sandwhich. Calamari was like chewing on rubber bands and there was nothing resembling anything Cuban about the sandwhich. Everything was previously frozen, microwave and served. I spoke to the 2 owners there which were the acting staff and simply just said its bar food. So thats what’s expected. But they overly expressed how their wings were the best around town, so decided to try….nope, they were hard and dry, previously frozen as the rest of the food. The only good experience was the beer. Nice and cold but since the staff “owners” were too busy on the phone, the service was really bad. Walking out i thought to myself, have i had a worse experince than this?
So food was horribble, service was bad. The place itself is nice to go watch sports but they only operate on a beer and wine license. So no hard liquor. Wont be back…

Eric Selberg

Great bartenders. Great menu. All the white claws u can drink. They have other drinks too

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